5 health related signs you need a foot massage or two

Why A Foot Massage Is More Important Than You Might Think.

A massage for some is a real treat, it’s not something you’ll often do and is usually associated with an event,  something like a birthday, I love you, you deserve it type thing, and that’s fair enough I get it. But a foot massage is so much more than that.

We might not realise it but a massage is really essential for your overall health. And it’s even more important for a foot massage, which is what we’ll be covering today. A foot massage, although again seems to be seen as a type of special event gift, can be vital in maintaining your overall health, and some of the early signs of health issues can be linked to our feet. 

Today I want to cover some of the health related signs you should be looking out for in your feet. These signs are reasons why getting a foot massage on a regular basis is a must for you.

I get it, a massage can be time-consuming and expensive if you were to go on a regular basis. You could look at investing in a good foot massage machine for your home. At least you have it on hand to use when you like. And let me tell you they will be one of the best investments you’ll make, especially after a long day’s work. It’s there ready for you to use when you want. 

Anyway, If you think about it, our feet take the brunt of all our weight all day long and can be the source of a lot of our health-related issues. Your feet are often overlooked when it comes to maintaining your health. The more you’re aware of them the better you can maintain them. 

So let’s take a look at the top 5 signs that you are long overdue for a foot massage.

Sore & Aching Feet

Now, this might sound a little obvious, but it’s one of the first signs that your feet are suffering and could do with a massage. Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis, they carry the full weight of our bodies for years and we don’t even think about it. 

And on top of that at times we wear shoes that are not really designed to support our body. These include flat sole shoes as well as high heels. They all look quite nice on a lady but they are not always the best for your feet either. 

Have you ever gone to the horse races? You see it all the time after a long day all or most of the ladies in high heels usually have them off because of the pain they cause. I can only imagine they would be pretty painful after all those hours. 

Whether your sore and aching feet are caused by wearing beautiful but not practical footwear or they come from long days on your feet or even from a sporting event, the fact that they are sore is a sign they need attention. And a foot massage or even a foot spa can be a great way to return your feet back to good health. 

One of the benefits of foot therapy is it helps to stimulate the muscles in your feet as well as helping to reduce any joint issues. A foot massage will also help with the reduction of ankle and heel pain.

On the flip side to that, a foot massage can help to prevent future issues in and around the ankle area. It can also help to relieve any tension you may have in your foot. 

I’m sure you’ve had a foot massage before. How good does it feel? The relief it brings is amazing. Your whole body feels free and the relief you get makes your body totally relaxed and unwind.

Medical Relates Foot Issues

This can relate to a number of issues, and age is one of them. With age comes ongoing strain and joint issues in the foot area that can affect the muscle structure as well.  One of these related issues is arthritis. It’s a bugger of a thing that can affect the older generation. But what’s more concerning is the number of younger people also starting to suffer from arthritis.

My sister is now 40 and she has had arthritis for a little more than 20 years. So it can affect anyone at any age. I’ve seen ongoing suffering here and it’s not pretty. 

Anyone who takes up repetitive sports like running might be a little surprised to know that they can also be affected in their early years. Because of the pain and stiffness, it can cause many to be looking for effective relief and management for their feet. And massage is one of those effective methods. 

We can look at this a little later on and give you a few options to look into, but at the moment I just want to explain the issues so you’re aware of them.

The pain of arthritis in the foot can be relieved through regular foot massage, this can also help with stiffness issues. There’s a number of issues arthritis can do to your feet that can cause more pain, which is a little out of the scope of this article. 

Getting a massage is a good opportunity to understand and note where the pressure and sore points are coming from. And if you are concerned about any changes you might be noticing, I suggest seeking out a doctor for further treatment. 

High Blood Pressure Issues 

This is probably not one of the signs you’d think to look out for, and while there may not be an obvious connection between blood pressure and your feet, studies have shown that ongoing therapy in the form of a foot massage can assist with the reduction of your blood pressure.

High blood pressure, as we get older can be a common issue and one that usually needs to be managed, usually in the form of medication. And often the only way to pick up on any high blood issue is through your local doctor. So if you are concerned in any way please seek medical assistance. 

Now, this might not be the case for you but I’m all about awareness and management prevention. So there is some sense behind an ongoing foot massage other than for the pleasure that it does bring. 

It’s all about getting the best out of ourselves and a massage is just one of many ways we can help ourselves do exactly that. And remember this is not just for the professional athlete it’s also just as important for the everyday person. 

When it comes to any sort of preventative health management it’s always the best option to look into natural methods, muscle stimulation in the form of a foot massage or even a foot spa can give you some unexpected but positive results.

Depression And Stress

Now, this might sound a little more like it. The connection between stress and or depression and having a massage makes sense. Well, I hope you can see the connection that I can. 

We all experience stress in some form in our day to day lives. This could be a commute to work. Work-related issues or the general stress and expectations of life. While these might sound simple and easy to manage they can build up and turn into something bigger, depression. 

While some will turn to medication which I know can help and I’m never going to say for a second it doesn’t. There are other options that on a regular basis can really help, and one of those options is a foot massage, as well as other types of massage, can really help in the ongoing process of dealing with daily stress. 

It might not seem to be the likely option, a foot massage, when I say a, I really mean ongoing foot massagers. This can aid in the reduction of stress and more importantly improvement of mental health, which I’m sure you are very aware is a big problem we are all facing in this world, directly or indirectly. So anything we can do to help in any way is positive.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site there’s nothing like a good foot massage or even a foot spa. Now you might not have the time to go out and get a massage or even the energy, again being the demands of life, this is where a good foot massager or even a foot spa can be very handy to have at home. 

Poor Circulation And Swollen Feet.

These can be common issues with your feet that can lead to ongoing health issues in the future. Foot, ankle and even leg circulation, as well as swelling, can be linked to heart and kidney issues that are, as you could expect, would not be pleasant. 

Swollen feet and poor blood circulation can make it challenging to even do the simplest things right down to even wearing the right footwear. This can lead to even getting around the house challenging. And at the end of the day, that’s what we want to avoid.

A foot massage and even using foot circulation machines can help to improve circulation in these areas allowing for reduced swelling and improved comfort for you. This can be very beneficial for athletes and everyday people. 

Any changes to your body can lead to issues in the feet. One of those scenarios would be pregnancy. This is a time where the body undergoes a number of changes that can put stress on the foot and ankle area causing swelling. In 2010 a study was conducted on pregnant women that received ongoing foot massagers and the results were a reduction in leg oedema. Pretty interesting.

Often there are a number of aches and pains that are caused by the stresses of pregnancy that can be helped with a good massage, especially in the foot area where a lot of the stress would come from. Anything that can help the pregnancy journey can only be a good thing.

Our Conclusion.

The benefits of a foot massage are well noted and there are some that might surprise you. When you think about it, we are all connected in some way. The body is made up of a number of areas but in reality, the body is just one. 

We have spoken about health-related issues here but a foot massage can do so much more. Including your wellbeing and your emotional wellbeing, these two on their own can be the exact reason you need to get yourself a foot massage and start to enjoy the short and long term benefits they offer.

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