About Infrared Living. What I’m All About

My name is Greg and welcome to my website.

I’ve put this site together to help me and anyone who is interesting in the wonderful world of infrared therapy, massage and all things associated as well as general health and wellbeing, which I find super important and vital for our development and growth. 

We all want to improve our current situation. Whether it’s from an injury you have occurred from competition training or an accident, and you need to maximise your recovery so you can get back to it.

Or you want to maintain your health and wellbeing and your looking for a natural alternative therapy option that can give you that extra edge to perform at your best throughout the day.

It all came about when my wife had ongoing back pain and I wanted to find something that was natural and not drug-related to help her with her pain.

For you to get an understanding of it came from a car accident before I had the privilege of knowing her. 

Health and fitness is also something that has been an important part of my life and I wanted to explore other options to help with muscle recovery and help to maximise performance, not only with training but also with living my day with as much energy as I could. 

This might sound obvious, we are exposed to heat therapy every time we go into the sun, unfortunately, we don’t get as much sun as we need, and infrared therapy is a great way to get all the heat we need in a controlled environment and without the dreaded UV rays that cause all sorts of nasty stuff. 

This is also a platform for me to express my ongoing interest in health and wellness this will include my running journey as well. I’m all about maximising ourselves to the fullest. Whether that’s through what you eat, exercise, your mental health and how we live our lives, I think it’s important to get the best out of ourselves in every area of our lives, we have to look after our body and our mind and in the process help each other as much as we can in the process.

Thanks again for your time and I hope you find my information helpful.

To your health and happiness.