Are electric foot massagers good for you?

Are electric foot massagers good for you

There’s nothing like a relaxing foot massage at the end of a long day on your feet. Or even after a run, which I enjoy.

Feeling the sense of relief and relaxation is amazing, it filters right up your body into your mind helping you to unwind and relax. Not sure about you but it puts me into total relaxation.  

To me, there are few things that compare to a good foot massage machine in the comfort of your own home. I hear you, yes the real thing is just as good, but not always an option for us all.

And I understand. You’re here because you want to know if electric foot massagers are good for you. If you suffer from sore feet from being on them all day or you’re an active sportsperson, a runner like me. 

Look you don’t even need to fall into those categories, you’ll benefit from a good foot massager for sure.

There’s a huge amount of health benefits associated with good foot health and why investing in a foot massager is an excellent investment. If you think about it, our feet suffer a lot, don’t they? So why not look after them.

I’d like to cover a bit more on the health benefits associated with electric foot massagers, so please read on. What I’d also like to do if you don’t mind is recommend some quality electric foot massagers you can buy if you think they will help as well. 

I want to make this article as informative as I can giving you all the information you need, which also includes where you can buy the best electric foot massagers if you wish.

Electric Foot Massagers, How Good Are They? Do They Help?

We all know massaging your feet helps with relaxation and is a great way to de-stress after a long day, not only that, it also helps to relieve all those aches and pains that we often ignore. 

What you might be surprised about is the many health benefits associated with getting a foot massage. 

While there’s nothing like sitting back and getting a massage. It’s funny, just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed. 

There are many flow-on health benefits to using an electric foot massager on your feet that will help to improve your overall health and well being. And that’s what we are going to explore today.

It’s amazing to think we put so much pressure on our feet every day and we don’t even think about it twice. I’d hate to be a foot, the stress, the suffering. No wonder we get feet and leg issues then wonder why. With the right treatment, this can be prevented. 

A foot massage is not all about total relaxation, it’s much more than that.

Once you understand the bigger picture and the ongoing health benefits of using an electric foot massager,  you’ll be wanting one before you are done with this article. And I don’t blame you. Having healthy feet should be a priority. And who doesn’t want to feel amazing?

A foot massage is something you wish you did more but never do. And when you do finally get one you can’t believe it took you so long. Once you understand the benefits of a foot massage and know a foot massager is good for you is the first step to better foot health.

Don’t be that person that is a gunna. Today is the day to start improving your foot health.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now own an affordable home massager that actually works while in the comfort of our own home. It’s not something we often think about, as we all take modern technology for granted, but it’s pretty cool I think anyway.

Gone are the days that a trip to a day spa is a special treat. 

Having the ability to massage yourself whenever you want, is one of the big benefits of owning your own electric massage machine.

Having one of these will allow you to implement a foot massage into your daily routine. A matter of 10 minutes a day can have a big impact on your overall health. 

Below are some interesting facts about your feet.

Consider The Following Facts.

Your foot contains the following.

  • Approx 7000 nerve endings
  • 19 muscles throughout your foot
  • 107 ligaments
  • 26 bones

Pretty crazy isn’t it? You can see how a lot of things can go wrong with your foot. But we just put up with it and shrug it off as nothing. Hence the importance of using a massage machine or at least getting a massage. When we look into the benefits of a foot massage you’ll start to see why. 

Before we do check out the benefits check out this chart of all the connections our feet have with the rest of our body. Looking at this you can see the importance of healthy feet and why we need to keep them working well.

Benefits associated with a foot massager

There’s a number of amazing health benefits that are associated with a foot massage. They are the following.

  • A massage can Improve your blood circulation
  • It can reduce your stress and tension
  • It reduces aches and pains and improves performance
  • It can increase your energy levels
  • Improves your immune system
  • Improved your concentration levels
  • Help with mental health and more.

Improves your blood circulation

Improving your blood circulation can have massive implications for your health, obviously in a good way. There have been loads of studies done on blood circulations and what it can do for your body, especially in the feet. 

It’s been proven that a 10-minute foot massage on a regular basis can massively improve your blood circulation. 

This is especially important for anyone suffering from diabetes as well as anyone suffering from varicose veins. It can help to improve the appearance in those affected areas of the legs.

Did you know good blood circulation also plays a big part in having a healthy heart? Having the right amount of blood circulation throughout the body helps to keep the heart healthy and functioning in the way it should. 

It doesn’t need to overwork itself if everything else is in order, and that’s what we are trying to achieve by using a good foot massager.

Reduces Your Stress And Tension.

There’s one thing that’s associated with high stress and tension levels, and that’s high blood pressure. Unfortunately, high blood pressure has become a very common health concern in both men and women in today’s modern world. 

There are always deadlines and expectations to meet, and with that comes stress and tension. 

Any job that is physically and mentally demanding, over time, will often deliver high-stress levels unless these levels are managed.

And a great way to manage your stress levels, yes you guessed it, is with regular foot massages. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, it not only relaxes you but also helps with relieving tension and stress levels.


Reduces Aches And Pains And Improves Performance.

Anyone who is required to stand on their feet for long periods of time, or anyone who is quite active in life and always on their feet will know what I mean, this is especially true for any full-time athlete as well. 

A foot massage helps in two ways. The first helps with pain relief as well as aches and swelling in the foot from any type of activity. This could be anything from intense training to standing for long periods of time. 

The second benefit is prevention. Having a regular foot massage can greatly help with the prevention of any future injuries. 

You see it all the time with professional athletes. They are all about prevention, they get regular massages all the time to help with the prevention of injuries. So if you look at it in that way, you can see it makes a lot of sense. 

If you are a very active person and even compete in competitions you can combine regular exercise with a regular foot massage. If this is you, you’ll know what I mean.

Combining the two together will greatly improve your ability to be a better athlete, therefore improving your overall performance and results.

An Added Benefit With People That Have Flat Feet

This one is a little added benefit to anyone who has flat feet. Anyone in this position might know the challenges of having flat feet. 

The arch is known to be our body’s foot shock absorber. While this is great for those who have a good arch, we all don’t have this benefit. 

It does make sense, without our body’s natural shock absorber you can experience ongoing pain in your foot. And unfortunately, not all of us have a perfect arch. 

This is where a home foot massager can really help. It’s a big advantage, I know as I have flat feet as well, running doesn’t help but it’s what I like to do and the health benefits there outweigh not doing it. 

For me, it’s not an option. So It’s important for me to take care of my feet and do what is in my best interest.

There’s nothing like the feeling when I get the arch or lack of arch area massaged. There seems to often be a few knots in there that need to be taken care of.

By getting a foot massage on a regular basis as well as regular exercise you can help to strengthen the arches of your feet. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed.

Increases Energy Levels

There’s a bit to this benefit, so stay with me. When you have tight muscles in your feet, or anywhere for that matter these tight muscles contain blockages. 

These blockages contain energy that should be flowing throughout your body, instead, they are caught within the tight and sore muscles.

With a good foot massage machine, you can target these tight areas.

When the target areas are rubbed, the blockages are released and flow back into your body. It’s a bit hard to understand but I find it interesting, so I hope it made a little sense.

We, as humans, always seem to wait until something actually happens. In this case, sore and painful feet, It’s how we think. We need to move our focus into prevention mode where we act before something happens. It will make a massive difference in the long run.

Foot Massager Helps Plantar Fasciitis

For anyone not familiar with this condition, plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that affects the tissue area between the toes and the heel bone. This is a very painful and sensitive condition and a condition that can be hard to manage at times. 

The pain can come any time but is most sensitive after long periods of rest or in the morning. 

You can overcome this condition over time with a few simple guidelines. Using the correct footwear that provides the right amount of support, along with extra cushioning can and will help. 

The biggest help can be made with the consistent use of a foot massager, this can dramatically help with the relief of this condition, it can also help with heel pain as well. This will help to relieve the pain and help control the condition.

If you do not have enough time to seek out a professional massage therapist, this is the best option for you. It not only will save you time but also give you ongoing support. 

I want to point out that if you have any questions regarding this condition I encourage you to talk to a professional doctor that is experienced in this area.

The Overall Cost/Investment.

This is not a direct health benefit but it is a benefit, just in a different form. Deciding if investing in a foot massager machine is right for you, it’s interesting to compare the overall costs compared to let’s say a regular foot massage. 

Although for some this is not really relevant and that may be the case for you as well. Either way you look at it, investing in a foot massager is a solid choice. 

This is how I look at it. If the pleasure of a foot massage on a regular basis makes you less stressed and more productive, that’s a big win for me. The initial cost of a foot massager for me is insignificant in comparison to what you can gain from using one.

Heat Therapy

Before I finish up here I wanted to talk a little about heat therapy and the benefits associated with using it. We have gone through the benefits of using a foot massager, now I wanted to quickly look at infrared health. 

Being a site that talks about infrared therapy and what it can do for you. I thought it might be a good idea to add this into the conversation. 

Infrared heat is not necessary when it comes to foot massagers and most of the enclosed top foot massagers on the market don’t focus on infrared heat, and that’s ok they are designed for massaging and that’s exactly what they do very well.

With the added benefit of infrared heat, you can get even more out of your foot massager, that is if you decide to go for an all in one type foot massager, one that also has heat. Infrared heat is like having a booster in your car, you have it there for that extra power, and this is a little the same. 

Infrared heat allows heat to go deeper into your body, in this case, your foot to heal injuries and those unwanted aches and pains. 

Benefits of Infrared Therapy for Feet

Although we have covered a lot in this article and I do what to thank you for taking the time to read this. I want to touch briefly on infrared therapy for your feet as I feel it is important and I do find it interesting.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the health benefits of infrared therapy for feet. 

Helps To Reduces Inflammation

Reducing inflammation is a big deal and can be hard to treat. The deeper the issue is the harder it is to get to and treat it. It can be challenging to treat with the usual therapies. 

This is where infrared heat is the winning factor.

Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, muscles and bone. It’s an excellent option for those who have injured joints or worse still arthritis.

Using infrared heat along with regular massage has been shown to help with the healing and recovery process. 

Faster Healing 

Using infrared heat as I said above can help with the recovery process. The kicker is with the heat you can recover faster than without it.

There’s a bit more to it than that although I hope you get the idea. The use of infrared therapy on a regular basis can actually help form new connective tissues in the affected areas. Which can only be a good thing for ongoing foot health.

Improves Circulation

As with most of the home foot massagers you can improve your blood circulation, we have spoken about it above. So you get a double dose by using infrared heat with your massager. 

Heat always creates better blood flow. And with the combination of muscle agitation through massaging and infrared heat you get the benefits of both at the same time.

Better blood flow = better oxygen levels = less fatigue.

Treats Diabetic Complications

Infrared heat has been shown to reduce glucose levels in the blood. This is a real benefit if you suffer from diabetes.

Our Conclusion.

We have covered a lot today and I hope it has helped you with answering your question and thoughts on whether an electric foot massager is good for you or not.

The summary to me would be a resounding yes, but I could be a little biased. It’s also important to note that this is not the all in one health solution, although we highly recommend adding one to your home health care.

All the very best with your health and thanks for stopping by. 

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