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Are Heating Pads Safe? We Take A Look.

The safety of infrared heating pads

This is a topic and a question that I want to make sure I cover all aspects and angles. Are infrared heating pads safe? I totally understand the question and It’s a fair one. It’s important that we get this right.

So this article is all about the safety of infrared heating pads. When I ask this question to myself I get a few responses. Meaning I feel there are a few different answers to the actual question.

What do I mean?

  • Are infrared heating pads safe in terms of infrared heat?
  • Are infrared heating pads safe for children? 
  • Are infrared heating pads safe for seniors?
  • Are infrared heating pads safe for pregnancy?
  • Are infrared heating pads safe to use
  • Or you could even ask the question. Are infrared heating pads dangerous?

As you can see there can be a number of answers to the same question. And they all target different safety aspects of this overall question. 

I’m not here to give you a generic answer as this will not really help you at all, well that’s what I think anyway. If I’m going to answer the question I might as well do it right. So let’s get into it.

Is Infrared Heat Safe?

Because we are looking into all aspects of the infrared heating pad we might as well start with infrared heat itself because this is the main component of an infrared heating pad.

The direct answer is yes. Infrared heat is completely safe for us humans to be exposed to. It’s actually a natural source of heat and energy that we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Did you know our sun is actually infrared heat? 

The one big difference between the sun and infrared heat that we get from a heating pad or any other infrared product is the UV factor. The sun contains UV rays. The infrared heating pad does not contain UV rays. That’s very important to know.  

Are infrared heating pads dangerous?

Let’s take a look at this question a little more. When we refer to the pads being potentially dangerous I’m going to think in terms of infrared heating pads being harmful. 

And when I think of the pads being harmful I can only assume or reference to the EMF that we are exposed to. These EMF’s or electromagnetic fields as they are known are there but are very low.

Let’s put it this way. EMF’s are everywhere these days, you may not realise it but you’re exposed to them every day. Cell phones are a great example. 

Our cell phones emit EMF on a daily basis and they are a lot closer to us than most electronic devices ever are, they are pretty much attached to us these days, aren’t they? So when we are concerned about low EMF’s with infrared heating pads you can see why for me it’s not really a concern.

What about power lines, they also emit EMF’s and any other electrical device we have in the home, so it really depends on how you want to look at this. 

Yes, infrared heating pads do emit very low levels of EMF’s. If we were to put the pads in order of emf level exposure, they would be a long way down the list. 

So when we look at the question of whether infrared heating pads are harmful or dangerous, in my opinion, the answer has to be no, as the health benefits you can gain from them outweigh whatever small risk there may be.

But what are those risks?

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Are Infrared Heating Pads Safe For Children?

This can be a tough one to answer as you’re going to get different answers for different ages. From my research any child under the age of 14 needs supervision. 

Having said that when it comes to the little ones, I’d say no but please seek a professional on this one they will be able to provide you with more accurate information.

Are infrared heating pads safe for seniors?

The direct answer is yes but it can depend on whether they suffer from any conditions that need medical advice beforehand.

Infrared heating pads are an excellent solution for the elderly as they can help with ongoing conditions that we all usually suffer from in our later years in life.

Are infrared heating pads safe for pregnancy?

Whenever you have a baby involved it’s important to make sure you follow the correct advice. So please use this as general advice and If you’re unsure about anything please speak to your local doctor for further information.

Having said that, yes heating pads can be used effectively for the relief of pain in the muscle and the joint areas when pregnant, however, there is a but. Only on the condition that they don’t raise the core temperature too much.

Concerns about using any sort of heating pad during pregnancy are fair play and need to be taken seriously, as when the woman’s body temps rise it’s only natural that the babies do as well. And too much heat can be cause for concern.

So as long as the infrared heating pad does not raise the core temperature too much then it’s safe to use. 

The best way to do this is to use the pad for short periods of time. Anything around 10 minutes or less, then take it from there. And remember any concerns please talk to a professional.

Avoid using the pad overnight or if you think you’re going to go to sleep. Most of the best-infrared heating pads do have auto shut off timers so that might be something to look into if you’re thinking about buying an infrared heating pad. It might save you if you happen to fall asleep.

Can I Burn Myself With An Infrared Heating Pad?

Well, again another fair and legitimate question. For the protection of what I say, I will say it’s possible but very unlikely. 

When it comes to using the infrared heating pad there are some stones that heat up more than others. Out of all of the stones, the jade stone would be the one that generates the most heat, it won’t be hot, you will just feel the warmth, and remember we all have different heat thresholds.

Having said that it really should be ok as the heat that is generated by the stones is not transferable to you. For a good example, it’s a bit like an electric blanket for your bed.

And if you have any concerns make sure you wear clothes. Once you use it a few times you will know what to expect and get used to the heat. 

Our Final Thoughts.

As you can see there are various angles I wanted to cover when it comes to infrared heating pad safety, and I hope I’ve done just that. 

At the end of the day, infrared heating pads of all types are a very safe product to use and one that you’ll get many hours of pleasure from.

By being aware of these very low-risk factors we can eliminate any concerns we may have about anything really.

We can interpret safety in different ways and what may be safe for one is a concern for others. Out of all the topics I’ve covered today, emf’s are probably a universal concern for us all.

The best thing we can do is to educate ourselves on the topic in question, and EMFs are no different. 

As you can see from reading my article, EMFs are pretty much everywhere and we are exposed to them every day, they are a part of our lives whether we like them or not. To be honest it would be very hard to live without them or the products that contain low emf’s.

Again I hope I’ve cleared up any concerns you may have about infrared heating pad safety. They are a great investment and one that comes with many health and wellness benefits for years to come.

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