How Hot Do Infrared Saunas Get? Is It Too High?

How Hot Do Infrared Saunas Get? Is It Too High?

How Hot Does An Infrared Sauna Get?

What I like about the infrared sauna is the gentle and consistent heat they provide, compared to the traditional sauna heat which is much hotter and usually runs at a higher temperature than the infrared sauna does.

Today I want to cover the temperatures of the infrared sauna, as you are here because you want to know how hot an infrared sauna gets. 

However for me to do this I really need to compare the infrared sauna temperature against a traditional sauna. This is just to give you an idea of the different heats and temperatures both saunas can reach.

For some, not all, the heat from a sauna of any kind can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to sauna therapy, you can struggle to actually stay in the sauna for long periods of time at first. Hence why the infrared sauna seems to be a better option. 

Don’t get me wrong, the infrared sauna can still get quite hot, especially if it’s a heat you are not used to, as I said, It can take some time to adjust.

So how hot does an infrared sauna get? The top temperature sits around 150F. As opposed to a traditional sauna which maxes out at around 180-200F.

It’s not often you’ll need to go that high if at all. The ideal temperature for an infrared sauna for you to get the maximum health benefits and results is a lot lower than that, around 110F-130F is ideal.

Another benefit of using the infrared sauna that I like, is you don’t need to wait very long for the sauna to heat up. You can even jump into it while it’s heating up. 

This is actually a good way to help acclimatise yourself to the heat while it’s getting to the right temperature. 

Once you turn on the infrared sauna it’s already emitting heat, so if you’re experiencing the joys of using an infrared sauna for the first time, this is a great way to adapt to the heat while you work your way up.

Yes, it will take a little while to get to the right heat, but there’s no harm in getting in there while it heats up. 

Note. Infrared saunas can allow you to have longer sessions than using a traditional sauna. This can be due to the lower heat which lowers the risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration that can come with using a higher temperature sauna.

The Infrared Sauna Ideal Temperature. What Is It?

This can be an open question as it will vary depending on your level of experience and your ability to handle the heat. 

It also comes down to your fitness and health levels. For example, if you are a fit person that exercises regularly, your tolerance levels will be different from those who do not exercise.

Having said that, this is again one of the many benefits of using an infrared sauna. You can adjust it to your tolerance levels then work your way up from there.

The Ideal Temperature Setting.

So if you were to ask me how hot does an infrared sauna get and what is the ideal temperature for me. We would need to look at a few things but to be fair it’s how hot do you want to go and what are you trying to achieve.

As I’ve said already the ideal temperature setting for an infrared sauna is around 110-130F. This is where you want to be in that range.

If you’re looking for more of a detox session, you can have the temperature a little lower and if you want to have a good sweat session feel free to turn the sauna up.

Remember to consider your health and fitness level. what might sound good for one person might not be the best idea for another. And remember to look out for any signs of overheating. 

Infrared saunas allow you to have a little more control over your temperatures than the traditional sauna does. Which you can use to your advantage especially when you first get started. 

What Is The Best Way To Use The Infrared Sauna?

Infrared and dry saunas generally provide a bit more control over the precise temperature than wet or steam saunas. Humidity remains more consistent in the dry or infrared saunas, so the overall temperature is easier to control.

With regards to heating up your infrared sauna, it can take around 10-15 minutes, depending on the heat level. 

As I mentioned above, don’t wait for the sauna to heat up completely before you jump in, feel free to get in there while it’s in the pre-heat stage, this gives you a good opportunity to get used to the heat if you are new to the infrared saunas.

If for any reason your sauna is getting too hot for you, a quick tip to cool it down is to open the door. And remember to look after yourself in the process.


I hope I’ve been able to clear a few things up for you and answer your questions on how hot an infrared sauna gets. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Here’s to your health and happiness.

Infrared Saunas Sunshine Coast. Your Local Sauna Guide.

Infrared Saunas Sunshine Coast. Your Local Sauna Guide.

Infrared Sauna Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast. The place to be for sun surf and looking your best. And one of the healthiest ways to look and feel your best is by using an infrared sauna. And that’s where we can help. 

We have done the research for you and compiled our picks for the best infrared sauna Sunshine Coast has to offer in terms of local business offering infrared sauna sessions. 

Maybe you’re new to infrared therapy or maybe your not, either way, we have the sauna list for you. Who knows you might be even wanting to invest one for home.

We can also help there as well. Hopefully, this list of Sunshine Coast list of infrared saunas will help.


Temple Colonics And Wellness


Temple Colonics and wellness is a wonderful place. The core focus of their business is on gut health, which can be a real issue for a lot of us and we are not even aware of it.

Their motto is to repair, restore and revitalise the body. Lead by Katya who is a certified colon therapist, her passion for helping others has come from her own health battles. 

Their main focus on colon therapy with the addition of detox massage, infrared sauna and other gut-related services. 

They offer combo packages on their services as well as stand-alone sauna sessions. 

Infrared Sauna Prices

30min $35

45mins $40

5 x 30mins $155

10 x 30mins $300


If colon therapy does interest you, there are packages for colon and infrared therapy sessions that you can check out on their site. 


Address. 4 Naturi St. Noosa Heads. 4567

Phone. 0499 540 909


Zen Den


Now, if you want to totally relax and escape the world’s issues, this is that place to unwind and de-stress, it’s a little beauty of a place with everything you could want, even a vegan cafe you can enjoy after your treatments.

They offer a number of different therapies that include. 

  • Sound therapy. 
  • Float therapy,  
  • Quantum chakra mats
  • Light therapy. (chromotherapy)
  • Infrared sauna therapy, 
  • They also offer massage and other beauty treatments.


The Zen Den offers two different forms of infrared therapy as opposed to just the infrared sauna, both very beneficial. Their light infrared therapy offers a different element over the usual infrared sauna, it’s worth looking into.

What I like about the Zen Den is you can combine the different services together to get the ultimate therapy package that is best suited to you and your needs

Infrared Sauna Prices.

30mins $30

Infrared Light Therapy Pod

30mins $30

Check out the site for all other packages



Address. 59-57 Mooloolaba esplanade. Mooloolaba. 4557

Phone. 07 54442723


Wholelife Wellness Centre


The whole life wellness centre was born out of the desire and passion of helping their client create a better balance of life through their mind, body and spirit through their holistic approach. 

Their wellness centre sits at the back of their pharmacy, which is great for you as they have everything you could need to get your health back on track. While your there take a look at their large range of organic products.

They offer a number of health and wellness services, one of them being infrared sauna sessions. You can have a stand-alone sauna session or combined it with their wonderful and relaxing float tank. If you feel run down and drained and want to get yourself back to 100%, we encourage you to stop by.

Infrared Sauna Prices.

30mins $30

45mins $40

Couples 45mins $45

10 x 30mins $250



Address. The zone shopping centre. 32 Wises Rd. Maroochydore 4556

Inside wholelife pharmacy and health foods.

Phone 07 54792036       




Get your body back, guaranteed. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it can be achieved with the help of revival. The modern way of life can be challenging at times and before we know it we can be a little off track with our health and well-being. 

This is when you need to pay a visit to Revival. Offering the most technologically advanced wellness service and support on the Sunshine Coast. They can help you achieve the results you want and for them, it all starts within. 

One of the services on offer is infrared therapy. They offer the infrared sauna and another piece of machinery that uses infrared light. Its called the Papilio system.

This is an interesting machine that helps with fat loss and skin tone improvements with the use of infrared light. For more info, you can read about it on their site. 

What I like about Revival is they offer a complete health package. So not only can you hire their infrared sauna out, but you can also talk to them about ongoing health and wellness support.

 Infrared Sauna Prices.

Singe session $35

5 sessions $150

10 sessions $280



Address. 63 Rene St. Noosa 4566

Phone. 07 54555655


Soul Skin Spa


Set amongst the beautiful tropical bushland of the Sunshine Coast is the Soul Skin Spa. This is your place to unwind, relax, renew and revive your body mind and soul back to its natural state. You’ll walk away feeling on top of the world knowing you have experienced the ultimate spa treatment available on the coast.

They offer a number of spa treatments that can be tailored to your needs. They offer packages that include infrared sauna therapy. Why not include your sauna session with any of the massages they offer. 

They also offer yoga and spa retreat packages. And with the national award of the holistic spa of the year, you know you’re going to get the ultimate full-body experience. 

Infrared Sauna Prices

30mins $30

2-4 people $40 per group

Sauna & Spa

60mins $45

2-4 60mins $60 per group



Address. 9 Lake Dr Peregian Beach

Phone. 0754483484


There you have it our local guide on the best infrared saunas the Sunshine Coast has to offer. I hope you found it useful for finding the one that works for you the best. 


Infrared Saunas Gold Coast. Your Local Sauna Guide.

Infrared Saunas Gold Coast. Your Local Sauna Guide.

Infrared Sauna Gold Coast. You’re Local Guide.


We have for you the best infrared saunas Gold Coast has to offer in terms of services for you. If you are looking to buy an infrared sauna on the Gold Coast we can help you there as well.


The Gold Coast. It’s all about the sun surf and the need to look and feel 100%. And one of the best ways to rejuvenate your health and wellbeing is with an infrared sauna. We have done the research for you and found our top picks for infrared saunas on the Gold Coast. 


Maybe you’re after a once off sauna session to test the waters, or you’re looking for a package sauna deal. Who knows you might even want one for your home.

We have everything here to get you started in the wonderful world of infrared therapy. So let’s get started.


City Cave

This place is all about the rejuvenation of the body and the mind. Their services include a total infrared sauna experience. They also offer float therapy and massage which work very well with infrared therapy.


The Citycave is your cave for total relaxation and rejuvenation, and who doesn’t love to relax in a cave? They offer a total infrared sauna experience as one of their services.

Their other services include, float therapy and massage. So if you’re after the ultimate chill package why not do a combo deal with them. These services go hand in hand.


Their infrared sauna service is a pretty good one. You can pay for a once-off sauna experience, or lock in a package deal. They also offer a multi-package deal where you can combined services making it an experience you’ll want to go back for. 


You can also join their cave club. If your looking for a regular ongoing sauna service this is what you need to go for. They offer a monthly membership for using their infrared sauna, its called the sauna club and it’s very well priced


They are based in Mermaid Beach as well as in Beenleigh. They also have locations in the Brissy area if you’re up that way.


Infrared sauna prices.

Casual price

45min $35 Individual

45mins $45 Couples


3 pack $99. Extra $10 per session for couples

20 pack $500

As mentioned you can also combined services.


Address. Check their site for the location near you

Phone. Again check the site for the best number.


Humanergitcs Therapies


Humanergitcs Therapies is a wellness clinic that operates out of Mermaid Waters. They offer a holistic natural approach to pain relief treatment and recovery. 

And one of those services includes infrared sauna therapy. They offer some in-depth recovery and pain treatment services that also might be of help if you’re looking for more than just s sauna session.

Infrared Sauna Prices

45mins $65

1 hour  $70

Sauna packages

3 sessions $180

5 sessions $275

10 sessions $500


Address. 5 Cadence Ave. Mermaid Waters. 4218

Phone. 0458500001


Recovery And Massage Centre


As the name suggests this is the place for all your recovery and massage needs. For anyone whether that’s a sports athlete or not, this place will get you back to 100%.

On the massage side, it offers all the usual types of massage you’ll ever need.

Then you have the recovery. Offering as it mentions on their site one of the largest infrared saunas in the southern hemisphere. They also offer other types of therapy that include mineral pools which sound pretty cool. I will add their infrared sauna prices are very reasonable prices.

They do offer service packages that suite your recovery requirements, so be sure to check them out f your interested. They also offer prices for kids under the age of 15 that you can check out on their site.

Infrared Sauna Prices.

½ hour $17.50

1 hour  $35

10 pack $280


Address Unit 3/54-56 Paradise Ave. Miami. 4220

Phone  07 55277881


Kahuna Bliss


Now, this is the place to completely relax unwind and let all your worries disappear. Set in the beautiful Currumbin valley its the ideal place to experience the art of traditional Hawaiian massage. 

On top of that, they also offer infrared sauna session as part of their therapy. So why not treat yourself and combine the two services while your there. 

Their sauna sessions cater for the beginner to the advanced and they offer packages to suit your needs. For more info, check out their site.

Infrared Sauna Prices.

20mins $20. PP. This is ideal for a beginner

2 x 20mins $30 PP.

3 x 20mins $40 PP.

For other prices on bigger packages or for groups, give them a call


Address. Mumdjin Court. The Ecovillage. Currumbin Valley.

Phone. 0406373773 

Gold Coast Tans

Gold Coast Tans is all about rejuvenate, recover and relax. And one of the services they offer is infrared sauna therapy. What is also cool and very interesting is they offer chromotherapy, which is colour light therapy. 

They offer 6 different colour therapy options. Each colour targets a different bodily response. For example, red targets energy while yellow targets the skin. They explain it all on their site in detail.

They offer a great deal on first timers. Offering a 30 min sauna session for only $20. They are very well priced for their sessions.

Infrared Sauna Prices

1 x 30min $30

5 x 30mins $120

10 x 30mins $200


1 x 45min $45

5 x 45min $175

10 x 45min $300



Address. Level 1, suite NB. 57 Thomas Dr. Chevron Island 4217

Phone. 0401 461 124


I hope you have found this little local infrared sauna guide helpful in finding the best infrared sauna gold coast has to offer. If you are starting out with infrared therapy please feel free to look around our site, I think you will find it useful in your personal health and wellness journey.

Also if you feel there are other business on the gold coast that would fit in well with our guide please let us know by getting in contact with us via our contact page. Thanks.

Why do I feel worse after an infrared sauna?

Why do I feel worse after an infrared sauna?

Feel Sick After A Sauna? There’s A Reason Why.

This has to be one of the most common questions for first-time uses of an infrared sauna. Why do I feel worse after an infrared sauna?

Once you understand why you feel like you do it will make sense, having said that, there’s a lot more to it than what you think and that’s what we are going to tackle today.

We all hear of the health benefits of infrared therapy, what we don’t hear is what has to happen to our body to get us to that point of feeling great and healthy. For anyone new to infrared saunas, you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

What I think is important is to understand the process, then when these things happen we won’t be surprised and we can deal with them a little better. And feeling crap after a sauna session or two is all part of the wonderful process. Although it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

I want to cover a few points regarding why we feel like we do when you have an infrared sauna session. After reading the article you’ll get a much better understanding of the processes involved, and it will all make sense.

On a side note. Regardless of the type of infrared therapy you have, it could be an infrared sauna, an infrared blanket or a type of portable infrared sauna. The process is the same, so please keep that in mind.

You’re Not Used To An Infrared Sauna Yet.

Well, at least your body isn’t used to it yet. You need to give your body time to get used to the shock of the infrared sauna. It will take some time.

To be fair, it’s the same with anything you do the first time that takes some effort. Go and run 10ks for the first time in your life and tell me how your body is the next day. It won’t like you for it.

I can tell you from experience, while it’s a great achievement and you feel great, if it’s your first time, far out you’re going to cop it the next day. There will be sore bits you never thought you had before. It does take time to recover and adjust. 

It’s all about reprogramming your body. I know from experience, that’s actually a good thing.

It’s all about working your way into it, just like running, take shorter sessions. And adjust the heat settings as you go. Once you get through the feeling shit period, take it from me you’ll feel great and be able to push yourself a little more. 

Why Do I Feel Sick After My Sauna Session?

There might be a small chance you feel sick after using the sauna. And if that’s the case that is ok, this is your body adjusting to the shock of the new experience.

As I explained above, your body is simply not used to it. Your body is in a state of shock and trying to adjust. It’s experiencing things your body probably has never experienced before, and It’s reacting the only way it knows how. 

What you’re experiencing in the sauna is very similar to a 30-minute jog or light workout, your body will react in the same way. If you understand this and the process involved you’ll be prepared for when it happens and you won’t be surprised. Therefore you will be able to manage it the best you can. 

Side Note. It’s recommended to relax and rest after your sauna if you can, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you and your thinking. Don’t worry I will be. Once you’re into a routine and your body has adjusted, you won’t need to rest as much. 

You might hear that some people are active after a sauna session. While that might be the case for some, especially if you’re a regular sauna user, for a lot of us, especially if you’re new, that’s not ideal. You need to give your body time to recover and recharge.

I think we can get confused or surprised by what a sauna session does to our bodies. And I think it comes down to the fact we are just sitting there doing nothing as opposed to exercising where we are doing the exact opposite. But are we really doing nothing? We might be but our body isn’t. It’s working in overdrive. Hence why we don’t feel our best at first. 

Your Body Thinks It Has A Fever

A Fever, what do I mean? It’s because your body is being exposed to an unnatural heat, so your body thinks it has a fever, a bit odd isn’t it. And doing its best to fight it off. That’s why you sweat. Your boy is trying to cool itself down.

Site Note. Did you know a fever is actually your body doing its best to fight off potential illness? Interesting isn’t it? and pretty cool how the body works.

Whenever you’re sick, an infection, cold, flu or whatever it is, you’ll usually get a fever, your body’s natural reaction is to fight it off and this is how it does it. 

Your body creates this fever to stimulate your immune system, another way to explain it is your body is giving itself a good kick up the ass. Come on, let’s fight off this attack, get to work. Ok enough of the humour.

So when you have a fever your body is pretty clever at creating extra protection so to speak. They create extra antibodies and blood cells to get ready for the fight ahead and fever is the sign to the body to get ready. It goes into protection mode.

And when you think about it this is the same process using an infrared sauna does to the body, it’s a false signal and this is another reason why you feel like crap after your first few sauna sessions.

So The Infrared Sauna Is Actually Good?

Yes, it is without question, but I think you know that already, that’s not the confusion here. If you’re using an infrared sauna of any sort you obviously know the long term health benefits, or maybe you’re looking into the potential of investing in one, either way, it’s the process that’s the unclear part of it all, which I hope I’m clearing up for you.

What’s really going on is the infrared sauna is building up your immune system and protection zone. And the fact you feel sick is telling you your immune system is very weak. 

By building up your immune system you lessen the chances of virus attack. I could go in all sorts of directions on this topic of building your immune system to help fight off disease as It’s a fascinating topic.

At the end of the day, this is exactly what the infrared sauna is designed for. If you look at all the health benefits on an infrared sauna offers and know the process of what it does you can now see the real benefits it offers. 

If you’re like me you can start to get a little excited about the possibilities of infrared therapy. 

Prepare Yourself.

While writing the last section I thought of something that might be worth adding into this article, you never know it might help.

Not sure if you want to go this far, but if you’re going to experience an infrared sauna for the first time, maybe it might be worth doing it on your days off work. There’s a very good chance you’ll feel crap and we all react differently to these types of things.

Have you ever done a detox? If you have you’ll know you feel crap afterwards. Again this is a similar process.

The thing is you’re basically doing the first stages of a detox, and from my experience, you’re not the best after one of these for at least the first few days.

Once you get through the first few sauna sessions it will start to be a real pleasure and it will make you feel amazing and full of energy ready to take on life. We just have to get through the initial stages first.

Infrared Sauna Suggestions And Tips

Now that you know the main reasons why you feel worse after an infrared sauna session. I thought it might be worth it to add a few other tips to help you through the process. 

They might sound simple and not worth notice but you never know. You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Staying In The Sauna Too Long.

This could be another reason why you feel worse after an infrared sauna, you’re staying in too long. And this is probably only because you’re new to the experience. Give it time you’ll be able to handle longer times but for now, it’s best to ease yourself into it.

The recommended time is around 30 minutes for an infrared sauna session, but you don’t need to stick to that exactly. Start at 15 minutes and test the waters and work your way up from there. 

It’s a bit like the jogging analogy. You don’t need to run 10ks at the start. Start small and build from there. 

There’s no need to push yourself.

Your Possibly Dehydrated

If you don’t prepare yourself this could be the case, there might be a good chance you’re a little dehydrated. It’s always recommended to drink plenty of water before your sauna session.

Don’t worry though this is a very common mistake. We as humans can struggle to get the required amount of daily water intake anyway. 

Being dehydrated makes you feel very crap and it’s more than likely will give you a headache. Not a great experience.

So at the end of the day just make sure you have prepared yourself before and after your sauna session with a good amount of water.  

Dehydration can also be caused by longer than needed sauna sessions so please keep that in mind. 

Your Sauna Might Be Too Hot

All the modern infrared saunas come with adjustable temperature levels, even the infrared sauna blankets and portable infrared saunas have them too. 

And it can be very easy to have the sauna temperature too hot. So it’s a good idea again just like the time factor to adjust the temperature according to your experience levels. And again work your way up from there.

Always read the instructions as they will give you the optimum temperature level. Then once you are comfortable with the temps and you can handle it, work your way up from there.

Remember there’s no need to push yourself at the start.

Our Conclusion.

Well, we have come to the end and if you’re down here reading this you must have read the whole article, thanks for that if that’s the case. 

I hope this all makes sense now as to why you feel worse after an infrared sauna. Remember it’s all about awareness of the possibilities and preparation to prevent things from being worse than they need to be.

Remember to rest up after as your body will need to recover. It’s had a big day and is a little exhausted. Haha.

If you have already bought your home infrared sauna, well done to you for investing in your health. Or if you’re considering buying an infrared sauna for your home hopefully this, any many articles on my site can help with the process. All the best.

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe? Will I Be Ok?

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe? Will I Be Ok?

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe For Me To Use?

Infrared sauna blankets, are they safe? I can understand this is a pretty important and valid question and one you’d want to know, especially if you’re looking to invest in your own sauna blanket. Safety is a big thing these days so I get it.

Infrared saunas have been around for a while and so have the infrared sauna blanket, having said that the blankets are not as common as the sauna, until only in recent years and the availability to invest in infrared therapy for your home have they become a popular health and wellness option.

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe? Can I Trust Them?

Infrared blankets are completely safe for you to use wherever you like. They will not harm you, your skin or your body in any way and are a very good investment for your health and wellbeing.

There is no direct heat contact with your body that can harm you. And one very important factor is there is no UV factor with infrared light at all. Infrared light does not contain UV rays. That’s one MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between UV light and infrared light. 

UV light can and does cause damage to your health like cancer. And infrared light is a health and beauty treatment that can benefit your life.

Therefore Infrared sauna blankets are a very safe product to use. They are a modern well researched product that offers a pain-free and safe treatment for all. 

A lot of large and well-known businesses sell infrared sauna blankets and if they were not safe this would not be the case. One of them is the largest online store in the world, I’m sure you can guess.

Did you know there are some well-known celebs that love infrared therapy? Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few that have expressed their love of infrared therapy. And when the likes of them post anything online regarding infrared therapy and more so infrared sauna blankets, the beauty world takes note. 

One of the attractions of an infrared sauna blanket is the cost and space factor. They are a lot cheaper than a full-blown infrared sauna and are much easier to manage in terms of space. So you can understand the attraction for a lot of people. 

Now that we know the infrared blanket is safe to use, it’s probably a good opportunity to explain how this thing works, as it’s a little different to using an actual infrared sauna.

How Does An Infrared Sauna Blanket Work?

Now that we can put to bed the safety aspect of an infrared sauna blanket, let’s take a look at how the infrared blanket works.

As the name suggests, the blanket is a top, well almost, it doesn’t cover your head, to toe full body beauty treatment that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

It’s recommended that when you use it, to lay in a flat and comfortable place. Your bed or on the couch work well as long as you’re flat and of course comfortable as you’re going to be there a while. Some sort of padding underneath is recommended. The recommended time is around 30 or more minutes.

If you’re new to infrared therapy and you already have a sauna blanket we recommend testing the waters with shorter times, just until you get used to it a bit. For some, it can be a bit to get used to just lying there all wrapped up. I know it was for us.

The Higher Dose infrared sauna blanket. The complete all in one health and wellness experience in the comfort of your own home.

How To Use An Infrared Sauna Blanket

First off we always recommend reading the instructions. I know that can be a challenge at the best of times but they do help, especially when there is heat involved.

Also, test out the temperature setting, find out what you’re comfortable with at first then build from there. 

The blanket is very secure so if you’re worried about any sweat dripping out you should be ok. They are waterproof. 

When getting into the blanket pull the flap section open and slide yourself in. Get comfortable and sit tight.

Just keep in mind when you are getting out to be careful, especially if you’re on your bed, you don’t want any sweat dripping out. This of course will depend on how much you sweat, I’m not much or a sweater but I know some who are. Something to keep in mind.

Another thing is to keep some water near your mouth if you can, as your arms are going to be enclosed in the blanket so you’re not going to have the chance to grab a drink, having one near with a straw does help. Or drink plenty of water beforehand, that’s probably the better option anyway.

It’s recommended to not wear any makeup as this will clog up your pores and prevent the natural sweating process, plus it can get a little messy cleaning up. 

On a side note. Listen to some music or if it’s an option throw on some headphones and use this time to relax and possibly meditate, why not you’re doing nothing anyway and why not use the time wisely. I’m all for one to try and double up your time.

Meditation is a whole other fascinating subject that you can really use to your advantage while using infrared therapy of any sort. You’re trying to detox your body, among other things, so why not detox your mind as well. We’ll leave that subject for another day. I think I could go on for a while. 

When it comes to cleaning your blanket, it’s pretty easy. We’ve put together a little process here you can check out if you like. How to clean an infrared sauna blanket.

What Are The Benefits Of An Infrared Sauna Blanket?

There is a load of health benefits with using an infrared sauna and it’s probably too much for this article. 

Having said that, let’s cover the main topics or you can head over to the other article to get a full-blown rundown on the benefits infrared blankets offer. 

The health benefits are many and it can be dependent on what you want to achieve. To sum it up they are an all-rounded health and wellness treatment that have so many benefits.

  • Healing your body
  • Detoxing your body and mind
  • Recovery
  • Skin health
  • Joint soreness
  • Joint conditions
  • Muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Better sleeping
  • Stress
  • And that’s just to name a few.

What I will say is. If you are suffering from any health-related condition or a long term injury, we recommend seeking medical help first. 

Our Conclusion

Well, thanks for reading this article and I really hope you have got the information you were after and helped answer all your questions.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to the health benefits associated with infrared therapy and the infrared blanket. Please feel free to check out the site a little further. 

You can also check out our thoughts and review on what we feel is the best-infrared sauna blanket on the market. There’s a lot out there and some much better than others. 

All the very best with your health and wellness journey.