How To Use An Infrared Sauna. Our Quick Guide

How to use an infrared sauna.

Our Quick Guide To Using An Infrared Sauna Using an infrared sauna, once you know the ins and outs of how they work and what the best practices are, is a pretty easy process, and one you’ll understand pretty quick and of course enjoy. Having said that, there are some guidelines that we recommend following, … Read more

How Do Infrared Heating Pads Work

do infrared heating pads work

Do Infrared Heating Pads Really Work? And Can They Help Me? Infrared heating pads have the ability to free your body and your mind of unwanted stress and pain. It’s a bold statement but also very fair. And that’s what I hope to help you with today. There’s nothing worse than a muscle injury. It’s … Read more

How Long Should You Stay In An Infrared Sauna

How Long Should You Stay In An Infrared Sauna

How Long Can I Stay In An Infrared Sauna? I’ve written this to be taken as general advice. The reason I wanted to start off with this is, we are all in different situations with our health.  Here’s the thing, you might be able to handle the standard length of time you should stay in … Read more

Infrared Sauna Brisbane

infrared sauna brisbane

Infrared sauna Brisbane. You’re Local Guide We give you the best infrared saunas Brisbane has to offer When it comes to rejuvenating your health in Brisbane infrared saunas are one of the best and most effective ways to start your health journey, they offer so many health benefits for your body and mind. Who doesn’t … Read more

5 health related signs you need a foot massage or two

Why A Foot Massage Is More Important Than You Might Think. A massage for some is a real treat, it’s not something you’ll often do and is usually associated with an event,  something like a birthday, I love you, you deserve it type thing, and that’s fair enough I get it. But a foot massage … Read more

Foot Spas For Large Feet. Our Well Researched Review

foot spas for large feet

We Take A Look At The Best Foot Spas On The Market For Big Feet There’s nothing like a relaxing foot spa after a long day on your feet, you know what I mean, I bet you’re thinking of one right now, probably why you’re here. Foot spas have many benefits, relieving pain, soreness and … Read more