best handheld massager for athletes

Best Handheld Massager For Athletes.

We Look At The Best Infrared Massager For Athletes And The Home User

Handheld massagers have come a long way in the last few years, they used to be heavy and a little bulky but nowadays things have changed with the advancement of modern technology.

Of course, this is great for the consumer and the massage companies. These handheld massagers have become a real long term investment that offers value for money.

The attraction is that we can use it when we need it without the ongoing cost of an actual massager. Which is really the whole point of owning one.

The ability to recover quickly without soreness is the outcome for every high-level athlete. And that’s what a handheld massage can offer

In this article, we want to look at our thoughts on the best handheld massage for athletes and how they can be used to improve overall performance and better recovery times. 

In saying this, this information is not only for the professional athlete but for the everyday person as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete or someone who is on the go all the time, or works out a few times a week.

We all have muscles and they do get sore and tired and we all need a massage at some point. If anything, the difference is in the need for a massage to help recovery and soreness.

We do have more information below if you wish to further your research. Having said that if you’re looking for the best handheld massagers for athletes right now we have our best picks below.

Being athletic at any level you’ll know the importance of needing to be in peak condition. 

Whether it’s at a professional level or you just enjoy being active, it’s important for your success, otherwise, your body will let you know pretty quickly you’re not good.

There’s nothing worse than feeling tight and sore with stiff muscles, not only does it hold you back but if the injury goes any further it can cause a serious setback, whether it’s from competing or even work. It can be costly.

So if there’s anything you can do to help prevent injury I’m sure you’re going to look into it. And the fact you’re here I know it’s on your mind. And fair enough too.

Costs Of Ongoing Massage

Now if you’re on a professional team there’s no need for me to tell you the importance of an ongoing massage and what it can do to your performance and health. 

But if you’re an emerging athlete or as I said an active person the costs of having a massage every week can really add up. And for a lot of us, that’s simply not an option. So we need to look at over cost-effective options and that’s what a quality handheld massager can do for you.

Although I’ll include other handheld massagers here because I think they are worthy of a mention and I highly encourage you to look into what’s going to be the best options for you, I want to cover infrared massagers. You’ll have a fair idea by the site that we see the potential of using infrared heat with the addition of massaging as a viable way to help with muscle injury and soreness.

Infrared Massagers

Anyone who is familiar with using infrared heat as a way to treat your body will know the health benefits it can deliver. So with a product like a handheld massager that helps with muscle injury and soreness, it makes sense by adding infrared heat into the equation has the potential to quicken up the healing process. 

One of the bonuses of the infrared massager is it pretty much costs the same as a regular handheld massager. There are variations of course.

When you look at the price compared to ongoing massage therapy, possibly with the use of infrared heat, you can see how a product like this can save you a lot of money.

How Does An Infrared Massager Work?

Of course a great question, It must be I asked it. Without sounding too simple. An infrared massager is a handheld product that provides pain and muscle relief through the use of combining infrared heat and a deep tissue massage.

The combination of the two elements together helps to increase the relief of the muscles while adding to the healing process. 

With the motion of relaxing your body through massaging while the infrared light penetrates your skin and muscles, the light works on your muscles to help with the repair process of any muscle issues, as well as helping with the relief of any discomfort. 

The use and benefit of using infrared light are to help stimulate the repair of tissue fibres. Along with that it also helps with better blood circulation. And the better your blood circulation is the better chance you have of repairing any muscle injuries.

Why An Infrared Massager? What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference and the most noticeable between the infrared massager and a traditional massager, which I’m sure you can work out, is the infrared light part of the product. 

There’s a number of different light type treatment products on the market, and they all have their place and positive effects, but the thing that sets the infrared light treatment apart from the rest is the fact it’s a natural light source.

Remembering the most natural infrared light source is actually the sun. The only issue with the sun is it also throws of nasty UV rays. And we all know what those UV rays can do to us.

Using a massager with infrared light for muscle recovery is a much better option than let’s say medication, as It’s a natural source of energy, something you won’t get from using any sort of so-called good medication. Not only that it’s also much better for you. 

Let’s Check Out The Health Benefits With Using An Infrared Massager.

When looking to invest in any product it’s important to take note of the benefits it offers. There’s a good chance whatever you’re suffering from or trying to prevent should be in the benefits section, sounds like a pretty obvious statement I know. I just want to make sure all bases are covered. 

Having said all that, let’s check out all the benefits associated with an infrared handheld massager.

I’ve already mentioned this above, but I want you to know, even though I’m referring to infrared massagers as the best handheld massagers for athletes, that’s not to say they are the be-all and end-all, there’s are other options that may work for you better, something like the percussion massager for athletes might be something to consider. 

When it comes to using a handheld massager of any kind, the goal or outcome is pain relief, whether that’s from soreness, tightness or other related pain. So I’ll cover the main benefits that are associated with these types of health issues.

Pain Relief and muscle and joint soreness. 

This one might sound a little obvious as this is pretty much what this whole article is about. But not all handheld massagers are the same. And some will do a better job with pain relief than others. 

That’s where the infrared massager helps in all areas of muscle and joint soreness. The infrared heat with a massage can be really effective in relieving pain and other related issues. With the use of a good infrared massager or even another high-quality handheld massager, you can get the results you need in the short and long terms.

Having ongoing therapy on the affected areas will dramatically improve your results over time, so this is not a once-off solution.

Helps To Improve Your Blood Circulation. 

One of the benefits of massage and infrared therapy is better blood circulation. If you have poor blood flow you can have issues with not only healing but also poor blood flow can cause injuries as well. 

Having good blood circulation is all about getting the right amount of oxygen into the areas that need it most. In doing this you can not only help to prevent muscle damage but also help with faster healing of the areas in question.

With the combination of massage and infrared therapy, your muscles and joint areas will get the required blood flow it needs to help with the healing process. Just remember we don’t need to get an injury to work on better blood flow, it’s also about body maintenance. 

If you look at professional athletes, massage is a big part of their recovery, these teams always have a team of physios and massage therapists on their teams to ensure they get the best treatment possible. Knowing this alone will tell you the importance of this type of therapy for muscle recovery.

Connecting The Everyday Worker With Massage Therapy

I’m always going to mention that even the everyday worker has ongoing muscle issues that often need work but more often than not get neglected.

As we all get older our health gets more important than ever before. Anyone who works, which is pretty much all of us to some degree, put a lot of pressure on our bodies, whether you’re on your feet or sitting in a chair all day, there’s always an area on our body that is either sore, stiff or just feeling out. Even though we often put it off this is where a handheld massage for your home would be very handy to have on hand. Even taking 5 minutes each day to massage the affected areas will help a lot.

Arthritis is a great example of needing ongoing therapy. And it’s been documented that one of the best types of therapy for arthritis is infrared therapy 

What To Look For When Buying An Infrared Body Massager?

There are often a few things to look out for when buying something like this. But often it does come down to personal choices and what you’re really after. Some of the notable differences would be budget, although these types of infrared products are all pretty well priced, considering the long term benefit.

Another thing to look out for is the number of connections. Most likely you’ll have a number of areas you want to work on, most if not all will have a number of connections you can work with which should come as standard but do keep a lookout for what you get. 

This is one of the benefits of having a multi-purpose massager. Because of the different attachments, you can work on any area of your body. Sore calf, shoulder, arms, feet, wherever you need it the most. 

Unlike other massagers where they only work on a section of your body, the handheld massage gives you the ability to go anywhere.

At the end of the day, it comes down to choices, budget and the functionality of the infrared massager.

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