Jade Vs Tourmaline Heating Pad. What’s The Better Option?

jade vs tourmaline heating pad

What Is The Best Infrared Heating Pad? Welcome, this discussion will be interesting. Today we are going to chat about jade vs tourmaline heating pads. It will be more so looking into the stones themselves and the health benefits they offer by using an infrared pad. I’ll give you the info you need to make … Read more

Are Heating Pads Safe? We Take A Look.

are heating pads safe

The safety of infrared heating pads This is a topic and a question that I want to make sure I cover all aspects and angles. Are infrared heating pads safe? I totally understand the question and It’s a fair one. It’s important that we get this right. So this article is all about the safety … Read more

How Do Infrared Heating Pads Work

do infrared heating pads work

Do Infrared Heating Pads Really Work? And Can They Help Me? Infrared heating pads have the ability to free your body and your mind of unwanted stress and pain. It’s a bold statement but also very fair. And that’s what I hope to help you with today. There’s nothing worse than a muscle injury. It’s … Read more

Infrared Heating Pad Review. Our Thoughts

infrared heating pad review

Infrared Heating Pads. A Complete Guide. Infrared heating pads. An avenue or solution for a healthier and happier you, giving you the ability to get back to being active and enjoying life. And at the end of the day, we all not only deserve it, but it’s also our right to life. When you think … Read more

Infrared Vs Regular Heating Pad

infrared vs regular heating pad

The Infrared Heat Pad. Infrared Vs Regular. What’s The Better Choice? The right heating pad can make a massive difference in getting you back to full health fast. The wrong or incorrect heating pad can unknowingly prolong your road to recovery. So it’s vital for you to make the right choice. And that’s what I … Read more

Do Infrared Heating Pads Work

do infrared heating pads work

That’s a great question. Do infrared heating pads work? Well, let’s take a look, shall we and see if it’s the case. I’d like to dig a little deeper into why infrared heating pads work and of course how we’ll also discuss all the infrared heating benefits as well as cover a few more things … Read more