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Foot Spas For Large Feet. Our Well Researched Review

We Take A Look At The Best Foot Spas On The Market For Big Feet

There’s nothing like a relaxing foot spa after a long day on your feet, you know what I mean, I bet you’re thinking of one right now, probably why you’re here.

Foot spas have many benefits, relieving pain, soreness and tension in your feet as well as your ankle. Sore joints, toes and heels also need their attention, especially if you’re an athlete or someone who is always on their feet, as you know they get a pounding. 

Your feet need rejuvenating so you can be at your best, and as you may know, feet often get neglected.

Not only do your feet get rejuvenated but foot spas also play a big role in you being able to relax and unwind and get back to good health. 

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But here’s the kicker, what if you have large feet? That maybe you, and as you may know, not all foot spas cater for bigger feet. I get it, people with large feet find it hard to find the best of anything that you can just get off the shelf and you’re good to go.

We’ll thankfully for you we have researched the best foot spas for large feet on the market that cater to anyone who has big feet. 

That’s our picks for the best foot spas for large feet. We have done what we feel to be a good job at narrowing down the best foot spas on the market right now that will no doubt help you and your feet get the attention that I’m sure they need. 

Having said all that there are some good benefits of owning a foot spa so I’d like to go into those a little if you’re up to reading them, otherwise if not that’s ok I hope I’ve helped you with your foot spa selection process.

Foot Spa Benefits And Features

One of the best ways you can relax is soaking in hot water with a gentle massage. Hot water helps with better blood flow and as you probably know also helps with relieving muscle soreness and tension. 

I have to say it’s bloody relaxing after a big day on your feet. It also gives you a chance to shut off and get a little bit of me-time for yourself, which I hope you can do at some point. 

With all the benefits associated with a foot massage, there’s one big issue we all seem to face. We need someone to offer to give us a massage, and that’s not always the case, as you’re probably aware. 

Having said that, we also face the issue of not being able to get down to our local massager on a regular basis, and not only that the funds would also add up after a few sessions.

This is where a good quality foot spa massage would be the perfect solution for all your concerns. Especially if you opt for buying a foot massager with all the features. To be honest they don’t cost that much more than a standard spa.

A good foot massage also has long term health benefits

Years on your feet can cause unwanted pain and sore feet, but I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that. Our feet get a hammering and we probably don’t even think about it twice. Like most of our body parts they do wear out over time and the best way to help prevent that is with ongoing therapy.

And that’s exactly what you should be doing with your feet. I don’t want to get into it with this article as there would be too much to cover, but your feet can be the source of a lot of health issues, so maintaining them just makes sense, it might be why it feels so good to get your feet massaged.

This is not really even a compassion. But why buy a foot spa and massager when you could massage your feet yourself. Now the only thing I can think of is the fact that you might save a few dollars. Other than that it doesn’t even make sense.

You are trying to relax by giving yourself a massage and that’s not going to happen. I’ve had a crack myself, and yes for the short term you can get some relief but there’s no relaxation. 

How to Choose the Best Foot Spa

As you have seen above,  you have a number of options when choosing the best foot spa to buy, although when you have large feet the choices are somewhat limited. What you can then look into is the features of each foot spa.

What it usually comes down to is the features of each foot spa as they can be a little different from one spa to another. You’ve got the size worked out and at the end of the day that’s the big thing now, we want to check out a few features.

So here are what we think to be the best features you can get with your spa.


While this is not a must we have put the heating on the top because we are infrared heating people and we know the health benefits associated with using infrared heat.

Heat will bring you a different experience to your foot spa massage and one that can only be a good thing. You know yourself, I’ll assume that you know how good a hot foot spa can be. And with the added element of infrared heat, you’re getting a two in one experience. 

Infrared heat helps with better blood circulation and also helps with better muscle recovery, so that has to be a good thing. We are not saying it’s a must, it definitely helps with the therapy and healing process.

Having said all that you already will have a heating element within your foot spa infrared heat is just a bonus.


This is not a feature but something to keep an eye out for. You want to make sure you get a foot spa that allows for adjustable heating settings as some do come with pre-set modes for temperatures. 

Just something to look out for and I thought it’s worth mentioning. The last thing you want is a foot spa that is either too hot or not hot enough and you’re not able to adjust the settings. 

Size Of The Foot Spa

This is a bit of a given really being this is all about the best foot spas for big feet. For you, it’s about finding a foot spa that will be not only big enough but comfortable as well. There’s nothing worse than buying something and you later find out it’s too small.

Nowadays this is becoming less of an issue as manufacturers are catering for all types of feet and understand there are a lot of people out there, especially men that on average have bigger feet than the average. 

Most of the take sizes are built to hole feet up to sizes 16-17, which should hold most foot sizes. Going for a bigger than average size foot spa does have its benefits as it allows your feet to have more room to relax without the worry of getting your feet in the right position.

What About The Depth?

Now that’s a good question. This can come down to a personal choice but most of the time you’re going to have enough depth to easily cover your feet and ankles. There are options to go deeper and if that’s something you want to do just check for the depth sizes. 

Massage Rollers and Jets

Although we find heat to be the main factor you really can go past having these two options in your foot spa. Having at least a massager in the spa can make a big difference in your spa experience. 

Massage helps stimulate the muscles while the heat helps with the recovery process and the two together makes for a wonderful experience. 

Along with the jets and you get the complete foot spa package. Yes, you are going to pay a little more for these features but they will be well worth it. Adding these elements can top the spa experience off. And let’s face it why not, I think you deserve it.

So when you’re looking at buying your foot spa if these are the options you want make sure you see them on the features list. Most brands will have these in the heading as they are selling features and they will make sure you see them. 

Having said that you can usually tell by the price of the spa if they are included but just make sure before you buy the product. 

When it comes to the positioning of the jets and massager they can be fitted in different areas, this can come down to the design of the spa, the massager will be at the base of the spa, that should be a given but the jets can be in different areas, not really an issue but good to be aware of them anyway. 

The Noise Of The Spa

Although most of the spas will have noise it will be at a minimum. No one really wants to hear a noisy spa grinding away, but the reality is they will make some noise, that’s the nature of any spa.

There are some spas that feature reduced noise and the higher quality spas tend to have better noise reduction than others, but at the end of the day, this is a small price to pay for the pleasure of getting your feet massaged in the comfort of your own home.

The best way around this is to wear headphones and listen to something relaxing. Whatever you like to listen to, it will make the experience better for you anyway. 

Bubbles In Your Spa

When I first got into foot spas I didn’t even know bubbles were an option, so there you go. Not sure you’re going to jump at a foot spa because it has bubble features but I suppose it completes the whole spa experience.

You can get spas that have the added feature of bubbles that actually helps with the oxygen levels in the water that ultimately helps with the therapy process, which I think is pretty cool. 

If on the other hand, you don’t actually want bubbles as a feature just keep an eye out for them in the features list and opt for the one that doesn’t have them. I think it adds to the therapy process and makes the who experience what it is, a spa treatment. Embrace the bubbles i’d say.

Having said that if you add anything else to the water when you do have your spa you might end up with them anyway. Some spas do have this feature where you can switch them off. I really don’t think this needs to be thought about too much, but it’s good to know anyway.

Our Final Thoughts

Well if you are still here reading thanks for taking the time to read our reviews on the best foot spas for large feet. I feel we have covered all you need to know about foot spas and what are the best options for you if you do have large feet. All the best with your spa experience and your overall health and wellbeing. 

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