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How Can Infrared Therapy Help Me?

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Today I’d like to discuss the healing benefits of infrared therapy and what’s behind infrared therapy, how it works and all the good stuff. I’m interested. what do you think of when you hear the term infrared therapy. Your here reading this, so I’ll assume it’s positive thoughts and your interested in what the therapy has to offer for you. Maybe you’re thinking about what an infrared sauna could do for your health or someone you know. Maybe, maybe not. But that’s ok. It’s all good.

 When was the last time you had an infrared sauna? Maybe you’ve never had one. What about the idea of owning your very own personal sauna. Well, some might think there too costly, but I feel you might be wrong on that one. Infrared saunas are very reasonable to buy. But I’m getting off the track here a bit. Let’s get to the topic.

Not sure if you know the stats. But having or even using a home infrared saunas isn’t that common in America, for now anyway. Did you know that they are very popular in countries like Finland. You’d be surprised to know there’s a personal sauna in nearly every home over there. And It’s pretty much a part of everyday life.

Having said that they have a different type of sauna, like a wood sauna where the heat is controlled by it’s very own fire, like in a stove. Different culture and temps over, but it’s very interesting. Even though I’m going to get into the health benefits associates with infrared saunas. I feel it’s important to give you a little info on all the different types of saunas we have, not just infrared saunas. A bit of background info I feel will help

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First Off. Let’s Look At The Different Types Of Saunas

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In some countries they are overlooked most of the time for their health benefits, saunas go way back as an ancient way to improve our health And there’s a number of different saunas, so let’s take a look at them.

Wood saunas. Like the ones found in Finland. these are wood burning saunas with added water used to create the humidity.

Electric saunas. These saunas include both infrared and steamed.

Steamed saunas. Because the steam is so intense the temperatures are often lower than normal. These types of saunas are often called Turkish spas.

Infrared saunas.

These are the saunas that have what we know to be infrared light, this helps to generated heat from within the sauna. It’s this light that helps to heat up the core temperature of your body. Different to the heated air versions.

All of the saunas mentioned have positive health benefits and also offer a form of relaxation. Infrared saunas are to be said the best type of sauna, because of what they can offer health wise.

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Why Are Infrared Saunas Better?

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The meaning infrared, refers to the light and the energy the wavelength creates, allowing you to withstand the heat longer, hence giving you a better result.

We have three different types of infrared waves. So if you on the hunt to buy a  infrared sauna, just make sure you buy one that has the three different infrared waves. All of the best portable infrared saunas we recommend come with the 3 different infrared lights. It’s just interesting to know what they are.


The 3 different types of infrared light all have their own benefits. And by combining them all you’ll get a much better result.

Most people that use an infrared sauna have also used a traditional sauna comment on how they can stay in a infrared sauna longer. This is because the air isn’t totally heated like a normal steam sauna is.


With all types of saunas the common theme is how hot your body gets. As your bodies temperature increases, you will start to sweat. Pretty obvious, I know, but that’s the process.

With the normal standard saunas the air is heated, their for heating you. The difference with an infrared saunas is, the light is what heats your core, you still sweat but at a lower temperature.

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The 3 Different Infrared Waves.

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I have spoken about the importance of the 3 different wavelengths on another article. But having said that i will touch on it here as well as it flows with what this article is all about.

To get the biggest health benefits from an infrared sauna, they should have the three types of infrared lights, as each of them all have their benefits. Again the 3 waves are. Near, Mid and Far. And they all have their benefits.


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As you can see by the listed health benefits, and that’s just a few, I’m sure you can see why it’s important to get all three of the infrared waves.

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The Health Benefits Associated With Buying A Portable Infrared Sauna.

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On of the biggest advantages of owning your own infrared sauna is the ability to use it when you want. Making it very easy to add it into your day.

Were all after better health.That’s why an infrared sauna suite nearly everyone. It’s especially beneficial for anyone looking to balance their hormones as well as those who suffer from an autoimmune disease. There are many studies done to show the benefits of infrared light and the sweating that is associated with an infrared sauna.

Below is a list of health benefits that come from using an infrared sauna.

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  • Helps Inflammation reduction
  • Helps to detox unwanted impurities from your body via sweating
  • Help to strengthen your immune system through sweating.
  • Helps to improve the healing of wounds.
  • Helps to reactivate your cell reproduction
  • Will help with losing weight
  • Helps to increase your blood flow
  • Help to improve your performance
  • Helps to reduce pain
  • Helps to lower your blood pressure
  • And can help to improve your immune system that helps to fight off colds and diseases.

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By having your own home infrared sauna, It basically means you have the ability to use it at will, instead of needing to go elsewhere. Which can add up over time. To give you an idea. If you were to use an infrared sauna twice a week. That could cost you on the low side $100 a week in sauna sessions. If you bought or saved up that $100 a week and got yourself a 1-2 person infrared sauna for your home. 20 weeks and you would have more than enough to get your own at home.

Is There A Risk with infrared therapy?


Well the quick answer is no. But let’s not stop there. When it comes to any risk, your pretty safe using infrared heat. The only risk you might experience is the the risk you put on yourself. I’ll explain why. The only risk is, you might stay in the sauna for too long. Especially at the beginning or your infrared journey. You don’t want to overdo your first few sessions. You want to make sure you get used to the heat first, then you can increase things from there. If you use your common sense, which I’m sure you will. You’ll be ok. No worries.Experience the infrared sauna for what it is and you will never look back.



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