how much does an infrared sauna cost

How much does an infrared sauna cost?

What Does An Infrared Sauna Cost? We Break It All Down.

This is a pretty popular topic, and I can understand why there are so many options available and it can get a little confusing as to what is the best-infrared sauna for you. 

That’s why anyone asking how much does an infrared sauna cost, I always need to follow with the question, well who is the sauna for, what is your budget and where will it be going. If we can first answer those questions we can then narrow things down a bit more.

There is no point in me saying. An infrared sauna? Sure that will be $2000. You’d be like two grand for what? 

As you can see there are plenty of variables and for anyone looking to buy an infrared sauna for their home, it’s important to get all the questions answered you can before you move forward with any decision. 

Of course this way you’ll get a much better idea of the type of sauna you want and what you can afford and what would make sense for you. There’s no point in you buying a 3 person sauna if it’s only for you. 

So what I want to achieve with this article is to help you by answering all the questions you may have, as well as breaking down each type of infrared sauna to give you an idea of what might be the best choice for you.

What Is The Best Infrared Sauna For Home Use

That’s really what we are looking at here as well as the costs, so let’s flip things a bit. And for this sort of work I have to assume your thoughts, pretty tough as I cannot read minds, but we’ll give it a go. 

What type of infrared sauna do you want? Because I’m sure you’re already aware the costs do vary. For me to answer your question, I’m going to need to cover all bases. And that’s ok. I’m here to help as much as I can.

The question you need to ask

Where will the sauna be going? Do I have room inside for a permanent position or do I need to put it outside?

Planning is the key here, making sure you know exactly where the sauna will go will help with the decision making. Whether it’s inside or out, always remember to measure out any area you need to, there’s nothing worse than getting the measurements wrong. 

A friend did this once with his fridge, not ideal, the same principles apply with your sauna. This seems obvious, I want to make sure I cover all bases.

Who is the sauna for? Is it just you or will you be using it with others? Pretty obvious questions I know, but ones you are better to answer now rather than later.

Does it make sense for me to buy a portable infrared sauna or a full-size infrared sauna?

What is my budget? Do you have a figure in mind and it’s a figure you need to stick to or are you a little flexible? A lot of people work on a budget then go from there, that’s fair and if that’s the case for you it closes down a few options.

For example, if you have $2000 to spend and you want a two-person sauna you are going to have a number of options. Just an example, you’ll see what I mean below when we go through the different options you have.

What Size Infrared Sauna Do You Have In Mind?

The biggest variation in the cost of buying an infrared sauna for your home is the size. As you know they come in a number of different sizes, ranging from a 1 person sauna up to a 5-6 person infrared sauna.

If you did want something bigger you can speak to your preferred sauna dealer and they can be custom-built to your requirements, you can even get a sauna built into a home in your building, anything’s possible in my eyes. 

You also have portable sauna options as well. If you’re a traveller or live in a small apartment this might be a viable option for you to look at as well. A lot do look away from a portable infrared sauna and they are very different from the normal-sized saunas in the way they are set-up but still function in the same way.

The Installation And Running Costs. What To Look Out For

I really want to cover this in more detail before I get into the costs of an infrared sauna as this can often get overlooked. And the reason for that is it’s often something that can easily get overlooked.

One of the biggest bonuses with buying an infrared sauna kit is you can actually install it yourself, it’s pretty straightforward, follow a few directions then plug it in and you should be all good to go, something you cannot do with a traditional sauna, you need electricians and plumbers, basically extra installation costs we don’t want.

So from an installation standpoint buying an infrared sauna makes a lot of sense.

How Much Does A Sauna Cost To Run? 

An infrared sauna is pretty cheap to run when you consider all the factors involved. And it’s a lot cheaper compared to a traditional sauna. This is an important part of the buying process, you want to make sure you know your average running costs. 

Of course, each sauna can vary depending on the size and the number of elements there are. But to give you an idea. They use less power because of the way they heat the sauna. The infrared heats a surface, not the air.

Infrared saunas heat up a lot quicker than a traditional sauna. A traditional sauna can take up to an hour to get to the right temps. An infrared sauna takes half that time to be ready. 

Also, infrared saunas run at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna

Why does this matter? Lower and cheaper running cost for you. At the end of the day It all adds up.

Of course, the cost of electricity can vary from state to state and it’s hard to give you an exact number. But let’s work on some hypotheticals.

Let’s say you have an infrared sauna that is 1000w. You run it for around an hour. 30 minutes to heat up and 30 minutes of use, you’re going to use around 1kw of power. As I said depending on the cost of your electricity you could be looking around the 10- 14c mark. Not bad considering. 

If you take all these variables and compare them to a traditional sauna you can see how you will not only be getting the best home therapy available but you will also be saving money at the same time, now that has to be good. 

What About Extras

Make sure you do your research when buying an infrared sauna. You need to make sure you know what’s included and what’s not. What some might consider as standard others might look at them as extras. This will be the case when you’re comparing cheaper options with the top of the range. images

What you might think will be standard, like heating elements, can actually be classified as an extra in some of the lower-cost models, so please for your sake keep this in mind.

If your budget allows, there are some extras that you can add to your sauna to really make your sauna sessions a wonderful experience. They can vary from company to company. 

This can be anything from sound systems, although the better and newer models usually already have them. You can get air purifiers and other aromatherapy dispensers and other similar extras.

Most of the newer models should have everything you need. But at least it’s something to think about. You can always add them on later if you want them.

You can also get custom add-ons, not something I’d worry about but it’s an option if you want to go down that path. 

How Much Does An Infrared Sauna Cost?

Here we are back to this question, but now things are different. Hopefully, you should have a better idea of the cost of an infrared sauna and what you need to consider. Now we get to the important part. 

What I’ll do is break down each type of sauna in size. This way we can give you a rough idea as to the cost and if you want to move forward with your choice we can guide you in the right direction.

What I’ll also do is cover the portable infrared saunas as well. Whether you want to look into a portable infrared sauna or no, at least you get an idea of the price.

Portable Infrared Sauna

The portable infrared sauna comes in pretty much one size. They are designed for a single person. Great for what they do and they work really well. The design used to be in the shape of a tent where you stick your head out the top, but recently they have expanded into making them into a full-size sauna without the cost. 

When it comes to the price of a portable sauna you are looking at the following.

  • The lower end, basic model, approx  $100
  • The high-end model approx. $550
  • The average price would be in the $200-$300 range

Side Note. There are portable saunas over the $1000 mark. But in my opinion, you can get a solid 1-2 person stand-alone infrared sauna for the same price. 

1-2 Person Infrared Sauna

This would be one of the most popular sizes of infrared saunas for home use, purely on the fact that it’s an all-rounded sauna that covers most bases, budget being one of them. It’s a good size that would fit in most households, in my opinion, would be one of the best-infrared saunas for home use. 

When it comes to costs. 

You’re looking anywhere from 

  • $900 for the lower end model, 
  • $1500 for a top-quality infrared sauna. 

3-4 Person Infrared Sauna

Now we’re into the big saunas. Meaning these are the type of saunas for family use or for commercial use. Or if you’re wanting a little extra room to move, this size sauna might be your thing. 

There’s a lot of variation in this size model and you have a lot of choices to make. It can come down to style and look for some, and for others, it can be price. 

When it comes to the costs you’re looking in the range of.

  • The lower end approx $1800 – $2300
  • Top-end average, approx $3500 – $4500

Although you can go even higher than that for a more specific model and the absolute best you can buy.

5 + Person Infrared Sauna

Again very similar to the 3-4 person saunas in regards to their use. There are some great saunas to buy in this size if you are on the hunt for one this big. Of course, the cost of these infrared saunas are higher, and they can range anywhere from

$3000 up to $6000 and higher, depending on what you want. 

Our Conclusion.

Well, there we have it, all the information you hopefully need to make the best possible choice for your new infrared sauna. As you can see, each size has its benefits and by now knowing this info you can work out how much an infrared sauna costs in relation to the bigger picture, your overall costs and not just your upfront costs.

What might look like the best infrared sauna for one might not be the best option for another, it does come down to an individual choice and that’s why we like to give you plenty of information that allows you to make the best choice possible.

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