how much weight can you lose in a sauna session

How much weight can you lose in a sauna session?

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This is one of those questions commonly associated with infrared saunas. it’s a popular topic. How much weight can you lose in a sauna session? Well let’s find out. This for some can be a sensitive subject, as there’s a lot of info thrown around on the weight loss subject, and i can understand the skepticism. Having said that. Can an a infrared sauna help you to lose weight? Straight up, absolutely, without question, an infrared sauna can help you to lose weight. But there’s more to it than that. And that’s what i want to look into today. I want to break it all down for you, then you can see how an infrared sauna can help you lose weight.


As I said, there’s a lot of misleading information out there on weight loss. You hear one thing then another, and it’s hard to keep up with it all. Weight loss is a massive topic, and there’s a lot of angles you can take to help you with your weight loss. Anyone in desperate need of losing weight will go to a lot of lengths to find the best weight loss method that will help them in the most effective way. And that’s what we’ll be looking into today. Infrared saunas for weight loss. Can they help you or not.


Can Infrared Saunas Help With Weight Loss?


It’s easy for me to say you can losing weight in an infrared sauna. Because I’m the person writing this post. What’s more important for me and you is explaining how it actually happens, otherwise why would you believe me. So, let’s break it all down for you and this way you’ll have a clear picture on how infrared saunas can help with weight loss and allow me to explain the process of how it all works, then you can make up your own mind for yourself, then at least you have the right info for you to move forward.


How Does An Infrared Sauna Help Weight loss


A infrared sauna works by emitting what we call far infrared light. It’s the same light that’s also emitted from the sun. This wavelength light interacts with your body, penetrating into the skin with the light, up to 4-5 cm into the skin. This creates heat within your body and the whole process begins.


So here we go. Your body begins to heat up, at the same time your body is working hard to cool itself down, this is a natural process that your body will do to itself when it overheats. Your body is working harder than it usually does and therefore we start to sweat.


This is the same type of heat activation that also happens when we are doing some sort of exercise, like  jogging or working out at the gym or any other type of exercise that will make you sweat. Although the same process using an infrared sauna is a little different. The difference is the infrared sauna. Well you’re probably thinking, well that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? The heat driving from the infrared light makes you sweat harder than you normally would. The point I’m trying to make here is. We are not using our body’s movement to create the heat, like we do when we are doing any type of normal exercise.


Now this is not to say go and be a lazy bum. Exercise in conjunction with using an infrared sauna can make a massive difference with how you lose weight and how much. Now go and run around the block. Off you go. Ok, wait, before you go, you might as well finish reading the article.


How Do You Lose Weight In An Infrared Sauna?


When you understand the whole process of how your body reacts to sweating and what it does to. You’ll then begin to see how you can lose weight using an infrared sauna. The big takeaway here is. Your body’s natural reaction when overheating is to try and cool itself down. You sweat a lot when in an infrared sauna, and when you are relaxing in your lovely infrared sauna sweating your ass off, Yep you got it, your burning calories. This process by itself can result in you burning a fair amount of calories but it’s not the whole process.


You might be thinking. Are we just losing water here, well not really. While your in the infrared sauna, as we’ve said, your body is going through the process of trying to cool itself down, while it’s doing this, the body is working overtime to help with the processes. What this means is fat assimilation is also working harder to what they would normally would be. Basically your body is working overtime. Hence the ability to burn calories.


The process. You jump into your infrared sauna. Your core temperature starts to heat up. You start to sweat. Your bodies natural reaction is to try and cool the core bodies temperature down. Your body is working overtime. Your body burns calories. You lose weight. yippy.


While you are burning calories, something else is going on, and I like to call this the flow on effect.  While your sweating your body is going through a detoxing process of eliminating unwanted toxins from our body. This is due to the depth of the far infrared heat that’s penetrating your skin.


Basically for me the rule is. The more fat cells you have in your system the more toxins you have built up in your body. A good way to test this, is if you have a white towel on you when you finish your sauna. Wipe yourself down and see what’s left on the towel. You might find there to be a lovely brown stain on the towel. This isn’t just water.


The reality is. If your overweight, you don’t have what we call a green lifestyle. Life has got in the way. But, that’s ok we are here to offer you help. This whole process is a journey and will take time, and that’s all ok.  Now I know i’m yet to answer the question. How much weight can you lose in a sauna session. But bare with me, I wanted to explain the process first.


Ok. Now that we have gone over what a infrared sauna does and how the far  infrared heat works now, it’s time to look at what we can do to help you with losing weight when having a infrared sauna. Because it all helps.


Our Recommendations For Getting Quicker Results Using An Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss.


If you can. Get out beforehand and get your body moving before you get into the sauna. Like a walk or a job, of even a ride. Doing this helps you to maximize your time in the sauna. There’s massive benefits of this, your already heating up your body, and doing this gives you a better chance for the infrared sauna to do what it does best. The biggest benefit for doing this is you won’t need to rely on the sauna heating up your body. You have already done it. It’s a way of saving time as well as speeding up the process. Of course this depends on if you can actually get out and about beforehand. It’s not an option for all of us.


If you are using an infrared sauna for recovery, that might be challenging. Your probably a little restricted with your movement. And again that’s ok. Recovery is another great infrared sauna benefit. But that another topic altogether.


One you get to know your infrared sauna temps. Work on reaching a balance between the temps and the time you stay in the sauna. One you have worked out a balance, turn up your heat a little, this will get your body working harder, thus getting better results. If this is your plan, you can reduce the time you are in the sauna. Also remember to make sure you are hydrated before you enter the sauna, and don’t try to over do things.


A little tip is to get into a cold shower after your infrared sauna session. This will help to activate heat shock proteins in your body, which will help to assimilate fat.


Our Findings And Thoughts On How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Sauna Session?


Well we’re here. It’s the section you’ve been waiting for. To be honest, there’s no real definitive answer. And I say this because there’s a lot of variables with each individual, and it can come down to a number of things.  Some say you can lose up to 300 calories. While others say less. It depends on a lot of things. But if you follow the steps in this article you will without question lose weight. It’s all about being consistent with your infrared sauna sessions, like anything, you can’t expect to get results on just a couple of attempt.


Just remember losing weight is all about lifestyle choices. Diet is a big part of losing weight as well. It’s all about knowing that you need to change your habits. And knowing what you can do that will give you the best results. If you can change your eating, go to the gym/exercise more often and incorporate using a infrared sauna a few time a week. Over time you will start to see great results. That’s why we recommend getting your own infrared sauna for your home, if that’s an option for you. Having your own home infrared sauna give you the best opportunity to achieve your weight and life goals.


For best results with your infrared sauna we recommend using it 3 times a week. Whether it’s for weight loss, detoxing, increased energy levels or for injury recovery. Infrared sauna therapy is a fantastic way to achieve your goals. And there’s one thing I’ll guarantee, you’ll feel so much better for it, you’ll see life in a different way, maybe in the infrared living way. Who knows. If infrared therapy is something you feel you benefits from and your looking for the best infrared saunas to buy, we can help you. We have put together a buyers guide as such, as it can be a little confusing at first. You can check it out here if you wish.

Thanks for reading, now go for that run around the block. Bye



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