how to get rid of inflammation in the knee

How To Get Rid Of Inflammation In The Knee

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Our Guide On. How To Get Rid Of Inflammation In The Knee. And Other Joint Related Areas.


There’s nothing worse than not being as active as you’d like. Excessive pain and joint soreness can cause havoc for your everyday life, you cannot do the things you enjoy to do the most, and for some, it’s even a struggle to get up in the morning. Not only that, your out of energy and pushing to get through the day. And that sux.

So today I’d like to talk about how to get rid of inflammation in the knee. Because, frankly that’s why you here.

Knee and joint issues are, unfortunately a common health problem these days and it’s not just confined to the older generation. The younger generation are also suffering from inflammation in the knee. Which is a bit of a concern.

You’re probably expecting me to talk about the best foods to get rid of inflammation, or what are the best natural remedies for inflammation relief you can use. They all help. But they won’t give instant and long term pain relief. Which I think your after.

If you’ve never heard of infrared therapy, hopefully I can shed some light on this wonderful subject for you. And we thank you for stopping by.


What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Inflammation In The Knee?


We’ll I’ll be talking about what we believe here at Infrared Living to be the best, quickest and most effective way for you to get rid of inflammation in the knee. Because at the end of the day we all want to be able to enjoy each day a little better without the pain, and most of us will do nearly anything to ease the pain.

Now even though i’ll be discussing inflammation in the knee, you can also apply this to any other part of the body you might be having inflammation issues with.


Joint pain, stiffness, ongoing exhaustion, struggling to walk are just the start when it comes to inflammation in the knee. And these are just the physical issues you suffer from. What about the mental side of things. Ongoing trips to the doctor, medication you need to take on a daily basis, and just the overall strain on your body, it all takes a toll. I’m sure it can feel like there seems to be no relief in sight.


Should you be resigned to the fact that this is what life will be like? Consistent pain. Don’t think so. And that’s why your here. You here because your on the hunt to find out how to get rid of inflammation in the knee, and I’m here to give you the answer to your question.


So here’s the great news. You don’t have to suffer from the pain of inflammation anymore. There is a solution. Infrared therapy is a natural safe and very effective and fast way to relieve your inflammation in the knee or any other area of your body where pain is an issue for you.


Infrared light is the same light the sun produces, giving you the opportunity to use the earth’s natural healing powers to naturally heal your ongoing joint pain through the use of infrared therapy. And the best thing. There’s no side effects. Something we’ll also cover.
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What We’ll Be Covering In This Article.


Infrared Light. What Is It. And How Can It help Inflammation In The Knee.

How Infrared Therapy Affects The Body

The Difference Between Infrared Heat And Regular Heat.

And The Best Infrared Heat Device Recommendations 
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Infrared Light. What Is It. And How Can It help Inflammation In The Knee.


Did you know. Infrared light is the same heat you get from the sun. Just without the UV rays. This amazing heat has the ability to penetrate deep into your muscle tissue right down to your bones. It sounds a bit scary but it’s pretty amazing.

Were you ever told to get outdoors and get more sun into you. I know i was. Now I understand why. Heat helps your body to heal and generate energy.  


If you want to go deeper. Infrared light which cannot be seen by the human eye, uses light which is between 600-1000nm wavelengths.


You body is exposed to the infrared light. When the light hits your body it is transferred into heat that can penetrate around 1.5 inches or 4-5cm into your body. Once infrared light comes into contact with a solid matter in this case your body, the light is transferred into heat.


Infrared therapy has been around for many years. It’s nothing new, but on the other hand not a lot of people know about the real health benefits infrared therapy provides.

This therapy is backed with loads of testing and solid results and is used by many health practitioners and professional athletes around the world to help with muscle and joint soreness, inflammation and overall recovery.


When it comes to using the infrared products for healing inflammation in the knee, you have a number of choices. They include. Infrared heating pads, infrared lamps, handheld infrared devices and other infrared knee wraps. All which we will cover shortly. All have their benefits.
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How Infrared Therapy Affects The Body. What Does It Do?


Infrared therapy is way to naturally heat your body to a temperature that helps in the healing process. Once the light hits your body and penetrates into your skin and muscles, the heat starts to raise your body’s core temperature.   And the results of this process have may positives. They include:

Helps to increase your blood circulation.

Gives you quick pain relief.

Helps with the reduction of inflammation via the healing properties within your blood.


In a quick summary.


Using infrared therapy basically speeds up the healing process. You body already does a great job of healing itself, using infrared light just helps with the healing process a lot quicker and better than it normally would. And in our opinion is one of the best and fastest ways to get rid of inflammation in the knee.


What’s Wrong With Using Regular Heat?



Well there’s nothing wrong with using regular heat, but you won’t get the same benefits from regular heat, and there’s a big difference in the two. Normal heat simply won’t help relieve the pain. And here’s why. Regular heat doesn’t penetrate into your body like infrared heat does. Therefore the heat won’t get to where it helps the most, into your joints.


Let’s go a little deeper. I’d like to explain how infrared therapy works on the joints areas. When you either injure yourself or you suffer from joint pain, this is how your body reacts. Your blood cells carry the all important oxygen, as well as glucose and other nutrients, when you have an injured joint area, your knee for example, the blood flow to that area decreases, and the cells and the nerve are affected. Hence the pain.


Every cell within your body is just like a little power plant. It’s actually called Mitochondria. These mini power plants job is to produce energy for the cells and they are very sensitive to light. And the infrared light has the ability to help stimulate the oxygen within the blood cells.


Remembering infrared light which transfers to heat as it hits our body, has the ability to increase blood flow to the affected areas, and if the blood flow is restored, the mini power plants can produce their energy and the affected areas can be restored, therefore the inflammation is minimized and the pain is reduced.  


Any Risks Or Side Effects With Infrared Therapy?  Most of the time when it comes to the different types of therapies and of course medication you’ll come across some sort of side effect. And at time there have been natural type healing solutions that have had some side effect.


Well I’m happy to say this is not the case for infrared therapy. It’s been well documented with scientific facts that infrared light has no side effects whatsoever, as well as being very safe.   Let’s think about that for a moment. If there were any side effect. Now that would be a concern. Remembering the sun is made up of infrared light and we don’t see people walking around with health issues because they’ve been exposed to the sun. Now just to back that up before you jump in. The sun does have the dreaded UV rays. Infrared light/therapy does not. Massive difference.


In fact. Here’s a thought. Infrared light is so safe, hospitals use it on newborns to help heal Jaundice. And to be extra safe. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

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The Benefits Of Having Your Own Infrared Home Device At Your Service


Gone are the days when you had to see a specialist to get your therapy. Now days you can be in the comfort of your own home and receive the treatment needed to get you back on track. And that’s the case with infrared therapy. Let’s take a look at a few benefits.


The beauty of having your own infrared home device is you get to use it when it best suits you. Use it anytime, and for a s long as you wish. Of course making sure you stick to the recommended times.

Any of the home infrared devices like the infrared heating pad are very easy to use. You can plug them in, sit back with a good book, relax and let it do it’s thing.


There’s no traveling, appointments and the best thing, there’s no medication required. For anyone who isn’t that mobile this is a great option. And who wants to travel when you don’t really need to anyway.


I mentioned times a minute ago. So i’ll quickly cover them here. I’ll first say. Make sure you read the instructions on each product as they will differ from product to product. Times can vary anywhere from 5 minute to 30 minutes, depending on the pain. Remembering while the infrared therapy is doing it’s thing you can just relax, maybe read a book or watch Tv. Totally up to you.

Although we are referring to the infrared heating pad you can also use an infrared heat lamp as well. You could use an infrared sauna if you wanted to go down that path.


What About The Comparison Cost?


Ok. You basically have two options here. An Expensive option or a better cost-effective option. Allow me to explain.

The best long term option for you would be to go the home route. Having your own infrared product in our opinion is the better option by far. At the end of the day you can pay a professional a fee to allow them to treat you with the same type of infrared therapy you can have at home when it’s convenient for you.


To Sum Things Up.

As you can now see, infrared light therapy as a solution for inflammation is a great way to naturally get rid of inflammation. Especially in the knee. It’s a very safe, fast, proven and drug-free solution for relieving joint pain for the long term. It has the ability to replace your ongoing expensive pain relief medication while in the process save you money and help you to enjoy a better life.

I wish you all the very best with your health.

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