How to use an infrared sauna.

How To Use An Infrared Sauna. Our Quick Guide

Our Quick Guide To Using An Infrared Sauna

Using an infrared sauna, once you know the ins and outs of how they work and what the best practices are, is a pretty easy process, and one you’ll understand pretty quick and of course enjoy.

Having said that, there are some guidelines that we recommend following, not only to maximise your experience but also for what we would call safety reasons. 

We want to make sure it’s an enjoyable experience and not an uncomfortable one, especially at the start of your infrared sauna wellness journey. 

Like anything, it’s all about easing yourself into it and starting out slow then build up from there. Things to be mindful of at the start are:

  • How long you spend in the sauna for each session
  • The temperature of your sauna sessions
  • And how often you are using your sauna 

These would be what you would want to monitor when you first start using your new infrared sauna. And of course, once you adapt to the wonderful world of infrared sauna therapy you can increase your session times, temperature and frequency of use.

Below we have created a step by step process you can follow. It’s what you can do to prepare for your sauna session. Once you have used your sauna a few times you won’t need this, anyway, I hope it helps.

How To Use An Infrared Sauna Guideline For Beginners.

Before we get into the steps we always recommend reading your sauna manual, this will provide you with a lot of info to get you started, in saying that, what I’ve written here will do the job nicely.

I don’t need to tell you the health benefits you can gain by using an infrared sauna, having said that if you’re here because you’re looking into buying an infrared sauna and want to know a bit more about the health benefits please take a look around our site. It should be helpful.

What I will say is, it’s important for you to know your limits in terms of what your body can handle at the start.

When writing an article like this we always make sure we take into consideration we are all at different health levels so if you’re unsure please go by the minimum requirements in terms of heat and time. 

Your Step By Step Guide On How To Use An Infrared Sauna. 

1.Take The Time To Warm Up The Sauna

It’s important to make sure you warm up your sauna, An infrared sauna temperature will be from anywhere between 100-140 degrees or thereabouts. Remember if this is your first time in a sauna and your health is probably not at your best so we recommend using the 100-degree setting. 

You can even go lower if you want. This way you can then work your way up. It’s probably the best approach for your first time until you get used to the heat. The heat will be a little different to what you’re probably used to.

How long does it take to heat an infrared sauna?

It should take around 10-15 minutes to heat up, this can depend on the temperature setting you have it set on. Infrared saunas can vary a little with heating times but this should be enough time for you to get the temperature you want.

Your sauna panels should be ready to go by then, and you know what, you could even get in before that if you really wanted to just to experience the lower heat. 

What Is A Good Temperature For An Infrared Sauna?

The ideal temperature for effective use is around the 110-130 degree mark. This is the best setting to get maximum results.

I’ve just put that here for a reference point for you, it’s not a must. Remember once you get going you can work your way up as your toleration heat levels increase.

Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water.

One of the requirements for using an infrared sauna effectively is to make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand. Drink some while you’re in there and make sure you drink a good amount of water after.

You could even drink water with electrolytes as well as this will help to replenish any minerals you have lost in the sweating process.

If you don’t drink the amount of water you should, there’s a good chance you’ll be dehydrated and either become sick or get a headache. This is a really important step that you really shouldn’t miss, even if you hate drinking water.

When you hear anyone that says that infrared saunas can make you sick this is usually the reason why. So please make sure you’re well hydrated.

Use a towel.

Whenever you’re using a sauna, this is especially the case if you’re hiring out an infrared sauna at your local beauty place. You want to make sure you use a towel. You could even have one on hand. One for sitting on and the other for wiping yourself down.

This is also good hygiene practice. Remembering there’s a good chance your sweat will contain all sorts of nasties so the towel will really help.

What Clothes Should I Wear In The Sauna?

This will of course depend on where the infrared sauna is. If you’re hiring it out, what you wear will most likely be different from what you would wear at home. 

Usually, you can wear something that is loose and you feel comfortable in, bathers, light clothing or your towel. 

If you’d like to know more you can read this article on what to wear in an infrared sauna. 

Well, that’s basically the process, all you need to know is to enjoy your infrared sauna. 

If you’re wondering what to do in an infrared sauna, well that’s up to you. You can use the time to just relax and unwind. Or you can read a book or listen to music.

One of the best things to do and probably the one I’d recommend is to use the time to meditate. Most of the latest infrared saunas come with Bluetooth so you can set- up your favourite meditation session and your good to do

On the flip side to that, you can even do yoga in your sauna, obviously if it’s big enough. This is what they call hot yoga, which is totally another subject for another day. 

What about my phone? Good question, they go with us everywhere don’t they. If you want to read more on the topic you can check out an article I’ve written here. Can you take your phone in an infrared sauna? It will explain all you need to know.

Depending on what type of infrared sauna you buy will depend on the features they have. So checking that out while you’re in there, might be interesting. 


Well, there you have it, our beginners guide on how to use an infrared sauna. As I’ve said before, once you get familiar with your infrared sauna you will be able to experiment a little more and push yourself a bit, of course without overdoing it.

I hope you found this article useful.

Here’s to the happy healthier you.

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