Learn To Reduce The Toxic Stress In Your Life.

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Too much work and a busy life is what causes most of us to stress out. Busy busy busy. It never stops, especially if you have a young family. So today I wanted to give you a few tips on how you can achieve a little more balance in your life.


The average American works around a 47 hour week, keeping in mind, that’s the average, most work 50+ hours. Some have full time jobs while others have two part time jobs that equal around the same hours. When you look at the figures, no wonder we are all stressed out and in need of some sort of relaxed therapy to just re-energize ourselves. Sometimes we just want an out for a few minutes.


What this tells me, is there’s a need for a balance between work and your life. And really you don’t need to be some sort of scientist to work that one out.


So where do we get the time then. You can see how, most of the time all we’re focused on is work and not enough time to de-stress and just really chill out. Finding the time to de-stress doesn’t mean cutting back on work. All it means is finding the time to help with managing your health and your well being. Because if you don’t have your health, it makes it challenging to work the best we can. It’s all about prioritizing your day and time. Your down time needs to be as important to you as your work is. I know it’s easy to say.

So let’s take a look at the 7 ways we can improve our work life balance and improve our well-being.

So let’s take a look at the 7 ways we can improve our work life balance and improve our well-being.

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You Really need To Start To Think About Yourself.

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We’ve all taken one for the team, Or we’ve said yes to helping someone out, knowing you really needed to say no. It’s important you sometimes need to be a little selfish and say no for the benefit of your well-being. I say this to my wife all the time. It’s ok to be selfish. Now if you feel it’s import, and you feel it’s a must, try to set a time aside throughout the day for you to be available. Otherwise, learning to take time out for yourself can be hard but very important. We often overlook this, myself included, until it’s too late.

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Keep Some Sort Of Daily Notes Or Keep A Calendar For Yourself.

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One of the biggest factors of stress is thinking you don’t have enough time throughout the day. This usually but not always comes down to not planning your day. We are all guilty of this, me included. I actually find it hard to get my thoughts onto paper. And the result of this, I often get stressed out because of all the things i need to remember.


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Planning out your day is the best way to release unwanted stress in your day to day life. Knowing you’ve got your daily plan written down can really help. We often overload our thoughts, thinking we can remember everything, and again this is where a lot of our stress comes from. Over time you can alleviate your stress levels by using a calendar or planner. Just write stuff down, trust me it helps. And don’t worry what it is. This way you know what you’ll be doing the next day without the worry and stress of trying to fit everything in. You already know what your doing. Therefore reducing your stress. Give it a crack for a week and see how it works for you.


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Scheduled Nothing Time. Yep, Do Bugger All.

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What do i mean by nothing time? We all need time to ourselves to escape the day to day time sapping stressful life we all live. And one way to do this is by making time for you to basically do whatever you want to do that makes you feel relaxed. This will be different for everyone. It could be a book, some sort of TV show. Time to meditate, take a sleep, or even a sauna, if you have one that is. Whatever it is, it’s just your time. This is your time to switch off. Schedule it into your daily planner and you’ll know exactly what and when your doing it.

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Find Your Inner Health. Relax Your Mind And Body.

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One of the most important, but neglected things in our lives is our health. We all do it. If we don’t have our health we are pretty much stuffed. We all think we’re bullet proof, until it’s too late. So you must find what you can do that will not only relax you, but rejuvenate your body and your mind. And one of the most effective ways you can easily do this is by using, yep, you guessed it, an infrared sauna a couple of times a week.

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Having your own home infrared sauna allows you to take time out to work on you. Giving you all the benefits you need to improve your work and life balance. There are many health benefits that you can gain by using a infrared sauna.  PUT A LINK TO A HEALTH BENEFITS ARTICLE HERE. Having the ability to remove yourself from all the day to day distractions will make a massive difference in your work and home life. It’s worth it. Basically it gives you the opportunity you need to relax and forget about the world. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it.


Saunas have been used for many years to help improve your overall well-being. If you have never thought of owning your very own portable infrared sauna, now might be the time to consider what one could do for you.


If you compare the time and the costs it takes for you to drive to a sauna house, and pay for a session, over time that will add up. So having your own portable sauna in the comfort of your own home will save you on costs as well. Especially in the long term.


Here’s the thing. Stress over time, builds up unwanted toxins in your body that can cause, if not managed, a very unhealthy and unbalanced life. And not to mention potential life threatening illnesses. Being aware of the health issue, will go along way in helping you prevent any health issues you may have in the future. Stress can lead to major and I mean major health issues down the track. This is something I’ve had to manage at times myself. Now I haven’t been ill, but if i continued to lead a stressful life. I know it’s only a matter of time. Awareness is the key.


It amazes me when I hear people saying. For the life of them, they cannot work out why there always sick. But when you take a look at them, see their eating and living habits, it’s not hard to work that one out. It’s all about awareness.


If we all take a little time to step back and look at how we can improve our well being and the way we live. Our lives will be a wonderful place to be. It all starts with little steps that over time will lead to bigger changes. Look after yourself my friend. Your worth it.


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