infrared heating pad review

Infrared Heating Pad Review. Our Thoughts

Infrared Heating Pads. A Complete Guide.

Infrared heating pads. An avenue or solution for a healthier and happier you, giving you the ability to get back to being active and enjoying life. And at the end of the day, we all not only deserve it, but it’s also our right to life.

When you think of pain relief what type of feeling does it give you? I bet a sense of relief, what about happiness, excitement, joy or even a little less stress. These are all feelings that make us feel good and all the feelings we deserve to have.

I feel your pain, discomfort is the total opposite of these feelings. And you’ll do whatever you can not to go down that path. It creates unwanted stress and discomfort for you and it’s hard to be happy and do the things you want when you’re in pain. 

This is where infrared heating pads and our infrared heating pad review hopefully can help you out and point you in the right direction when it comes to the best infrared heating pad to buy. 

There are two things in life that I like to avoid, and I’m sure you’re with me on this one. And they are. Time and Pain. I’m pretty confident I can help you with both today. So let’s get into it.

Infrared Heating Pads. What’s The Best Infrared Heating Pads On The Market?

This infrared heating pad review will do our very best to provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for you.

That’s why we want to give you all the information on the various infrared heating pads available on the market. This way you can make the right choice for you that will deliver the results you want and fast.

Below are our 3 top picks from Healthy Wave Mat. Please keep in mind these are not your only options. They have many other options that you can check out on their site.

Please read on for further information on more Healthy Wave Mat infrared heating pads.




When it comes to the right infrared heating pad for me I look for a few things, especially when you’re making an investment in your health. are experts in infrared heating pads, offering a number of different quality infrared heating mats to suit you and your needs.

For more information, you can check them out here. They explain in detail what their mats can offer you in terms of getting you the best health results possible. Their video tutorials go into a lot of detail and are very well explained. 

They offer infrared heating mats by the size so if you’re looking for a particular mat to target a certain area or after a large full body mat that focuses on your whole body, they have you covered.

What about an infrared heating pad that has a certain crystal or stone? They offer all the stone/crystal combinations you could need that will help you overcome your health challenges.

The types of infrared heating pad combinations they offer are as follows.

The Greek physician Hippocrates understood the potential and power of heat therapy and was known to famously say “Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease”

The Infrared Heating Pad

Infrared heating pads or heating pads, in general, have come a long way from what they used to be many years ago. With that has also been leaps and bounds in the development of our health and wellness.

Let’s be honest. Pain is shit and anyone who suffers from it on any sort of scale knows how crippling and debilitating it can be.

Not only does it affect our body but it also can have a greater impact on our mindset as well. It can be very hard to think happy thoughts when you’re in a lot of pain.

Lucky for us infrared therapy is at the point where you can experience the therapy and enjoy the health benefits in the comfort of your own home.

So I really want this page to be all about showcasing the infrared heating pad and how it can help you in your journey to a healthier and pain-free life.

I’d also like to cover the infrared heating pad in a little more detail, you can skip if you like and go to the actual product information. I just want to make sure I cover all angles and give you the best information possible. 

There are some nice advantages to living in a modern techo world. Modern technology has created the infrared heating pad in such a way that it has the ability to generate and radiate infrared heat into our body and disperse that heat into our body giving us some amazing results. 

What Should I Look At Before Investing In An Infrared Heat Pad?

When it comes to buying anything it’s always good to know a little more about the products you’re interested in. It’s probably why you’re here right?

In this section, I’d like to touch on a few of the different features of the infrared heating pad, as well as some other important information about the infrared heating pad I think is worth sharing.

This is just an overall list. Keep in mind that some heating pads will differ from others.  

Infrared Heating Pad Sizes.

I’m sure you’re aware that infrared heating pads do come in different sizes.

You can get pads that focus on certain areas like the shoulder and neck areas. Or the back as well as other parts of your body. Like your feet.

Although some of the most popular mats are often the large mat size pads. You can use these mats to give you a whole-body infrared therapy experience, instead of targeting a particular area.

Infrared Heating Pad Features.

It’s always good to know what the infrared heating pad can do. Even though most of the features will be similar, listing some of them here will at least give you an idea of the capabilities of the pad. So let’s take a look.

Heat Settings.

The heat setting is a pretty important part of the infrared heating pad. All the heating pads we feature as well as all the other heating pads on the website have adjustable temperature controls. 

You’ll be able to adjust the temperature to what is comfortable then you can work your way up till you hit the maximum temperature.

The mat surface temperature can reach a maximum temperature of 55 degrees celsius. This is when the internal temperature is set to 70 degrees celsius.


All infrared heating pads have shut off timers, which is such a great idea, especially when you’re sleeping on it. These pads have a shut-off time of 12 hours. This allows for maximum benefits all night. 


When you’re dealing with any sort of electrical product, in this day and age you’re going to get some sort of EMF, which is short for electromagnetic field. 

These days health companies that produce infrared heating pads and other types of products really focus on producing very low emf products. 

What’s really good with these healthy wave mat infrared heating pads is they include an advanced filtration system as well as extra EMF blocking layers. 

This is what people like you and I want to see with products like this. Advanced technology in the protection and elimination of EMF fields. 

Let’s face it, EMF’s are always going to be there, and if we are that concerned we should give away our cell phones and everything else electronic. It’s just good to be aware of EMF’s and how they work, that’s all.


With anything you buy, it’s always good to check the warranty. The warranty is that protection you need just in case something isn’t right when your product arrives. 

With a good warranty, it gives you peace of mind that if something isn’t right you have that backup option. With the healthy wave mats, you get a very generous warranty with a couple of options. 

Below is the warranty they offer on all their products.

  • 45-day trial satisfaction guarantee: You can return it for any reason (in the same new condition) and get 100% money back; you only pay the shipping cost.
  • 15 month full USA warranty
  • 5 year extended warranty included for controller

As you can see this is a very generous warranty option. What this shows us is they really believe in their products and care for their customers by offering these warranty options.

FDA Registered. 

Having a product that has been FDA registered is key. This tells us that the product and the company have got the backing of the FDA and the product is a legitimate product that offers legitimate health benefits to us, the general population. 

So having this on all the infrared heating pads shows us it’s a quality product. And for that fact, we are happy to be part of this company and the infrared heating pads they sell.


We all love a good bonus, don’t we? I know I do. And I think a healthy wave mat offers some really cool bonuses that will complement your heating pad. 

In my opinion, a bonus should be an added benefit to what you’re looking to invest in and that’s exactly what you get here. Below is what you’ll receive when you invest in your new infrared heating pad.

I have to say these bonuses are pretty good. You can check them out in more detail by visiting healthy wave mat.

Infrared Heating Pad Benefits.

Infrared heating pad benefits are an important part of the buying process as it’s the ultimate outcome to your problem. So, of course, you want to know beforehand if what you’re looking to buy will solve your problem. 

We’ll list the benefits below so you can see for yourself what an infrared heating pad can offer you. By using an infrared heating pad on an ongoing basis you can help with any of the health issues below.

  • Sports injuries like muscle soreness, cramps, damaged muscle tissue.
  • Joint pain and stiffness, hamstring strains, leg and shoulder pain.
  • Tendonitis, arthritis issues, bursitis, knee and leg conditions, fibromyalgia and tennis elbow.
  • Detoxification.
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • General pain relief.
  • Mental health and wellness

Having your own Infrared heating pad offers you the flexibility to get you back to where you want to be with your health, basically, you get to use it and for how long whenever you want. That’s the beauty of having your own.

What’s not often talked about and I want to touch on it here because I think it’s important, is the mental health side of things. 

When you’re suffering from a health condition/injury it’s easy to focus on the pain of the injury, let’s remember you’re not at your best and being in this situation can start to have an effect on your mental state of mind.

And this is what I like about infrared heating pads, it also focuses on the mental health aspect as well. Which I find really beneficial. 

This is where the crystals come into play and can play a major role in getting you back to being at your best. 

The health benefits the crystals offer is really an added health layer to what is already a solid product. And let me tell you, I spend a good amount of time practising the art of being in a positive state as well as looking at ways I can be exposed to better energy fields such as negative ions that the crystals can offer. 

The more energy we can be exposed to the better person we can be and be for others. Well, that’s my thoughts anyway. Now let’s take a look at the different types of heating pads.

How To Choose The Best Infrared Heating Pad For You

Over at the healthy wave mate store, they have a very large selection to choose from. They state it’s one of the world’s largest selections. And with that can come to some confusion as to what’s the best infrared heating mat for you.

So in this section, I want to cover how to choose the best infrared heating mat for you.

And they have set up a site where it’s very easy for you to navigate around and get to where you want to go.

There are a few ways you can search for the mat you want. For example, you can search by the size of the mat and the crystal type you want, pretty handy.

For example, if you want a smaller infrared heating pad they have a section by mat sizes, from their smallest size infrared heating pad that would be ideal for targeting a particular area, like the neck area. 

Then you’ve got the largest infrared heating mats which are the size of a queen-size bed. Great for a couple that wants to lay it on their bed and take advantage of its benefits while they sleep.

Then you’ve got all the other sizes in the middle which are possibly the most popular.

Or maybe you’re after an infrared heating pad that contains a certain stone or crystal that you’re really interested in. you can search for any mat that has the crystal combination you want.

What Size Of Infrared Heating Mat Do I Want?

When looking at the different mat sizes, it’s good to have a bit of an understanding of what you’re looking for. 

The most popular of the lot is the full-sized heating mats as this allows for flexibility to target a certain area of the whole body.

Let’s break it down for you.

Small mats 20”x20”.  These small mats are best used for targeting certain areas of the body. They are good for sitting on, as a foot warmer or resting on small areas that are giving you trouble. If you want to check out these size mats click here.

Medium Mats 32’x20”. Medium made are at the size where you can target an area of use on a larger section of your body like your legs, upper or lower, your back and other targeted areas. You can wrap your mat around these areas as well if you want. Click here for medium mats.

Medium To Large 60”x24. These mats are long enough to give you the option to lie down on them and target probably around half of your body. They won’t be long enough to target your whole body. They were designed with the thought of offering a mat that could target most of your body while at the same time be a budget-friendly option. Click here for medium to large mats.

Full-Sized Mats 72”x24”. This sized mat is one of their most popular sizes that allows you to target the whole body at the same time unless you’re taller than the average person, you might have to go the 76” size. This size mat also has most of the crystal combinations available. Click here for full sized mats

Their Pro Mat 74”x28. This is the recommended size of all their best infrared heating pads. This is what they call their pro mat offering a little more than the other mate. 

The pro mats include PEMF coils, photo lights and you even get double the negative ions when you compare them to the other full-sized mate available.

They fit very well on a massage table and will cover most people’s full bodies. Click here for the pro mats.

Large Mat 76”x32”. This would be the ideal mat for anyone who is taller than the average. Being a little wider as well helps, plus the extra height makes it ideal for the taller person to get the full-body therapy. Click here for the large mats.

Queen and King Sized Mats 80”x60”. Being the largest mat in all their range is designed of course hence the name to fit on a king or queen-sized bed. If you’re looking for a large infrared heating pad you can use as you sleep and as a couple, this is the one for you. Click here for the queen and king mats.

The list above is their infrared heating pad range giving you all the options you’ll ever need. This range allows you to choose the best pad for you.

Now, what about the crystals? Let’s take a close look at the crystals.

 Which Crystal Should I Go For?

So as you may already know they offer 4 main crystals. Amethyst, Jade, Tourmaline and Obsidian. Each of these crystals has its own benefits. 

All of the crystals offer very similar types of far infrared heat. The differences in the crystals are very minor. So if you’re undecided on the right crystal for you, don’t worry to be fair there are no best or wrong choices. 

To be honest there is no crystal that will be much better than the others; they all complement each other, having said that there are different characteristics to each of them.

If there is a crystal that you favour over the rest, let’s say the jade stone, well that is an option for you as there are heating pads that only have the jade stone only.

If you’d like a heating pad that offers all of the crystals and you want to get the full benefits, well you also have that option. It’s totally your choice.

What about the flexibility of the mat?

When it comes to the flexibility of the mats you actually have a couple of choices. You can go for a soft mat or a regular mate. Not really a choice you’d make on this alone but I suppose it’s handy to know.

You can go for a soft mat where you can wrap it around your body. These would be the smaller mats.

Then you have the stiffer mats, these are usually the bigger mats, they hold their shape pretty well and are designed to be used on flat surfaces. Pretty much all of the mats will be in this category unless it states otherwise.

The Infrared Heating Pad Review Roundup.

Well, I think and hope we have covered everything regarding what we feel is the best infrared heating pads on the market. Healthy wavemats is a solid company that offers a very good warranty on all their products, especially the 45-day return warranty. 

You can’t’ go past their bonuses with most of their pads. I’m not sure you’ll see that anywhere else to be fair. I think the free cover and the sauna blanket is a great deal as the blanket allows you to double up and really get a solid sweat session.

I can only wish you all the very best with your health and wellness journey and I hope I have helped you today.

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