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Infrared Sauna Brisbane

Infrared sauna Brisbane. You’re Local Guide

We give you the best infrared saunas Brisbane has to offer

When it comes to rejuvenating your health in Brisbane infrared saunas are one of the best and most effective ways to start your health journey, they offer so many health benefits for your body and mind. Who doesn’t love a good sweat? Maybe you know all about infrared saunas and are looking for one near you, or you’re keen to try one out for the first time. But where should I go? 

Never fear we’ve got you covered. Here we offer you our best list of infrared saunas Brisbane has to offer. We do the research so you can save time. 

Maybe you’re after a once-off sauna experience to test the waters or a package deal. Or maybe you’re looking to invest in your own infrared sauna for your home. Either way, we have you covered.

AHHA Wellness Spa

For a total wellness and rejuvenation destination, this is the place you want to visit. Not only does it offer infrared sauna therapy, but it also offers biomat infrared therapy. This is another form of infrared therapy that is very effective at rejuvenating your body. So you can be assured they know all about the health benefits of infrared therapy. 

On their site, they explain all the important info you need to know before your session and what to do after your therapy to maximise the experience. 

They offer other services that can be combined into packages that include infrared saunas and their biomat service. Their mission is to offer a space to relax, recover and help optimise their client’s health and wellbeing, and we feel that they exceed those expectations and more.

Infrared Sauna Prices

30mins $40

45mins $55

Biomat Prices

45mins $45

60mins $65

For regular visits, you can get their monthly fee of $25. This gets you 20% off every booking. So if you’re a regular user this would be the way to go. This way you could try all the services they offer.


Address. Unit 2, 429 Gympie Road. Strathpine. 4500

Phone. 1800 002 442

Indigo Soul

What a wonderful place. When it comes to connecting with your inner self, Indigo Soul is that place you want to visit. This business is set in an old Queenslander which by itself is a relaxing place to be. Indigo Soul is run by Ali Martin and as she claims on her page is a little addicted to infrared sauna therapy as it makes her feel amazeballs.

Ali’s really knows infrared saunas and that’s great for you as she offers 6 different sauna packages to suit your needs. You can read all about them on her site. 

Sauna sessions last from 30-45 mins and for an extra $15 per person you can bring a friend. 

This is also the place to go for your yoga and pilates classes, so why not combine them into a package.

Indigo Soul stands out for another reason. They offer you a very generous free trial period that includes a free infrared sauna session. What a great offer.

Infrared Sauna Prices

Single Infrared Sauna session $35

3 Pack Infrared Sauna sessions $99

10 Pack Infrared Sauna sessions $300

20 Pack Infrared Sauna sessions $500


Address. 46 Shottery Street, Yeronga, QLD

Phone. 0433 807 903

Creating Beautiful Bodies Blvd.

This place has it all. It’s the place to go for any type of skin and beauty treatment and or an experience you could need. And one of the many services they offer is Infrared sauna treatments. It’s part of their wellness services. 

You can have an infrared sauna session as a once-off or as a 10 session package.

Time sessions range from 30 minutes plus and are very well priced.

Infrared Sauna Prices

One session $20

10 session    $180


Address I28A Brooks St. Fortitude Valley

Phone    07 30373939

Stafford Chiropractic

As the name suggests this is a chiropractic centre that also offers infrared sauna sessions as a service. They offer 7 different programs to target different areas.

Their sessions are 30 minutes and you can book inline if you wish. If you are looking for a package deal feel free to give them a call to arrange a sauna package.

Infrared Sauna prices

30mins $35


Address. Suite 206/6 Babarra Street. Stafford. 4053

Phone. 07 33569552

City Cave

The Citycave is your cave for total relaxation and rejuvenation, and who doesn’t love to relax in a cave? They offer a total infrared sauna experience as one of their services. Their other services include, float therapy and massage. So if you’re after the ultimate chill package why not do a combo deal with them. These services go hand in hand.

Their infrared sauna service is a pretty good one. You can pay for a once-off sauna experience, or maybe you’re after a package deal. They also offer a multi-package deal where you can combine services. 

Or why not join the cave club. If you’re looking for a regular ongoing sauna service this is the go. They offer a monthly membership for using their infrared sauna, it’s called the sauna club.

They are a multi-location business which is great for you. They have 7 locations throughout Brisbane.

Infrared Sauna Prices.

Casual price

45min $35 Individual

45mins $45 Couples


3 pack $99. Extra $10 per session for couples

20 pack $500

As mentioned you can also combine services.


Address. Check their site as they are a multi-location business

Phone. Again check the site for the business near you.

That’s our roundup on the best infrared saunas Brisbane has to offer. Please feel free to check out our site for all things infrared health. Infrared therapy is a great way to keep your health in check. Combined with a good diet and regular exercise we all can be better inside and out.

If you would like to take things to the next level please feel free to check out our site for all things infrared therapy.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope this guide has been useful for you.

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