Infrared Sauna Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast. The place to be for sun surf and looking your best. And one of the healthiest ways to look and feel your best is by using an infrared sauna. And that’s where we can help. 

We have done the research for you and compiled our picks for the best infrared sauna Sunshine Coast has to offer in terms of local business offering infrared sauna sessions. 

Maybe you’re new to infrared therapy or maybe your not, either way, we have the sauna list for you. Who knows you might be even wanting to invest one for home.

We can also help there as well. Hopefully, this list of Sunshine Coast list of infrared saunas will help.


Temple Colonics And Wellness


Temple Colonics and wellness is a wonderful place. The core focus of their business is on gut health, which can be a real issue for a lot of us and we are not even aware of it.

Their motto is to repair, restore and revitalise the body. Lead by Katya who is a certified colon therapist, her passion for helping others has come from her own health battles. 

Their main focus on colon therapy with the addition of detox massage, infrared sauna and other gut-related services. 

They offer combo packages on their services as well as stand-alone sauna sessions. 

Infrared Sauna Prices

30min $35

45mins $40

5 x 30mins $155

10 x 30mins $300


If colon therapy does interest you, there are packages for colon and infrared therapy sessions that you can check out on their site. 


Address. 4 Naturi St. Noosa Heads. 4567

Phone. 0499 540 909


Zen Den


Now, if you want to totally relax and escape the world’s issues, this is that place to unwind and de-stress, it’s a little beauty of a place with everything you could want, even a vegan cafe you can enjoy after your treatments.

They offer a number of different therapies that include. 

  • Sound therapy. 
  • Float therapy,  
  • Quantum chakra mats
  • Light therapy. (chromotherapy)
  • Infrared sauna therapy, 
  • They also offer massage and other beauty treatments.


The Zen Den offers two different forms of infrared therapy as opposed to just the infrared sauna, both very beneficial. Their light infrared therapy offers a different element over the usual infrared sauna, it’s worth looking into.

What I like about the Zen Den is you can combine the different services together to get the ultimate therapy package that is best suited to you and your needs

Infrared Sauna Prices.

30mins $30

Infrared Light Therapy Pod

30mins $30

Check out the site for all other packages



Address. 59-57 Mooloolaba esplanade. Mooloolaba. 4557

Phone. 07 54442723


Wholelife Wellness Centre


The whole life wellness centre was born out of the desire and passion of helping their client create a better balance of life through their mind, body and spirit through their holistic approach. 

Their wellness centre sits at the back of their pharmacy, which is great for you as they have everything you could need to get your health back on track. While your there take a look at their large range of organic products.

They offer a number of health and wellness services, one of them being infrared sauna sessions. You can have a stand-alone sauna session or combined it with their wonderful and relaxing float tank. If you feel run down and drained and want to get yourself back to 100%, we encourage you to stop by.

Infrared Sauna Prices.

30mins $30

45mins $40

Couples 45mins $45

10 x 30mins $250



Address. The zone shopping centre. 32 Wises Rd. Maroochydore 4556

Inside wholelife pharmacy and health foods.

Phone 07 54792036       




Get your body back, guaranteed. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it can be achieved with the help of revival. The modern way of life can be challenging at times and before we know it we can be a little off track with our health and well-being. 

This is when you need to pay a visit to Revival. Offering the most technologically advanced wellness service and support on the Sunshine Coast. They can help you achieve the results you want and for them, it all starts within. 

One of the services on offer is infrared therapy. They offer the infrared sauna and another piece of machinery that uses infrared light. Its called the Papilio system.

This is an interesting machine that helps with fat loss and skin tone improvements with the use of infrared light. For more info, you can read about it on their site. 

What I like about Revival is they offer a complete health package. So not only can you hire their infrared sauna out, but you can also talk to them about ongoing health and wellness support.

 Infrared Sauna Prices.

Singe session $35

5 sessions $150

10 sessions $280



Address. 63 Rene St. Noosa 4566

Phone. 07 54555655


Soul Skin Spa


Set amongst the beautiful tropical bushland of the Sunshine Coast is the Soul Skin Spa. This is your place to unwind, relax, renew and revive your body mind and soul back to its natural state. You’ll walk away feeling on top of the world knowing you have experienced the ultimate spa treatment available on the coast.

They offer a number of spa treatments that can be tailored to your needs. They offer packages that include infrared sauna therapy. Why not include your sauna session with any of the massages they offer. 

They also offer yoga and spa retreat packages. And with the national award of the holistic spa of the year, you know you’re going to get the ultimate full-body experience. 

Infrared Sauna Prices

30mins $30

2-4 people $40 per group

Sauna & Spa

60mins $45

2-4 60mins $60 per group



Address. 9 Lake Dr Peregian Beach

Phone. 0754483484


There you have it our local guide on the best infrared saunas the Sunshine Coast has to offer. I hope you found it useful for finding the one that works for you the best.