Infrared Saunas and Inflammation.

Is An Infrared Sauna Good For Inflammation?

Today we are going to discuss all about inflammation and the health link between that and infrared light. In this case we are going to look into using an infrared sauna for the therapy.

What is inflammation? Inflammation is a physical condition, usually, but not always located in a joint area. That is hot to touch, looks swollen and is often painful.

So let’s get into it and look into infrared saunas and inflammation, and how the use of an infrared sauna can help with this painful and uncomfortable health issue. Using an infrared sauna as part of your inflammation therapy has been shown to be one of the most effective forms of inflammation rehabilitation. It doesn’t matter if your young, old or your a professional athlete. This effective method will work for everyone who uses it on a regular bases.

Hopefully today I can shed some light on infrared saunas for you. Having a home infrared sauna can be a massive advantage to your ongoing health and wellness. Some say it’s an unfair advantage. I say It’s a smart move.

But not all of us have one. And not all of us know how affordable they are these days. If your interested in buying one you can check out our best recommendations here. Hopefully we can help you out. Anyway. Before we continue. I’d like to take a quick look at what inflammation is. I quickly touched on it above but that’s just the overview really. Although, if you suffer from inflammation you’ll already know all about it.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a very important part of our body’s immune recovery or response. Our body has a way of trying to heal itself after it is damage or injury. Our body does a very good job of trying to defend itself against any outside invaders. Illnesses and any diseases. It’s its way of trying to repair the affected area.

Without our body inflaming itself. The affected area would eventually become infected and fester, and in some cases it could get life threatening. Not what we would want.

That’s an overall outline on inflammation. There’s a little more involved than just that. Although we have touched on it, we’ll go a little deeper below. So please keep reading.If you’s like to read a little more on inflammation, you could check out this How to get rid of inflammation in the knee.

Saunas for Inflammation. How can they help.

So now we know a little more about how inflammation works we can now take a look at what an infrared sauna can do for inflammation. And how the two together can have a big impact on your ability to recover.

Having regular sessions in a good infrared sauna comes with multiple health benefits. Benefits that at some level are all associated with each other. The body is one, and although you can have a certain health condition. At some level they are all associated. Detoxification is the biggy. Releasing out all of the unwanted toxins in your system, like metals and chemicals that are causing issues will play a massive part in the healing process.

An infrared sauna will help with the healing process, which is also connected to pain relief and associated with better blood circulation. Overall this will go along way to helping reduce your inflammation areas. I would like to just touch on this. Even though I’m referring to infrared saunas, you can also use infrared heating pads, Infrared sauna blankets, portable infrared saunas as well. I’m just using the saunas as a reference for this article. They all have their ways of helping with inflammation. Just wanted to mention that. Ok let’s get back to it.

Improved circulation has an overall effect on your body’s core temperatures, which is tune, stimulating your blood flow, improving your muscle recovery, thus improving or reducing your inflammation.

Your body works together as one. It’s a little like a team helping each other to get better. Just like a team, we all help each other to achieve the main goal. Well that’s my interesting way of putting it.

As we have said. Inflammation is your body’s attempt to shield itself from harmful outside attacks. It’s trying to repair the damage. Research has shown that inflammation is the start of many diseases. But we also know that inflammation is the body’s immune response.

The Healing Process Of Inflammation.

The process starts with the irritation, then moves into the healing part of inflammation. The worrying thing is chronic inflammation can go on for quite a while. From a few months to year. Which is not ideal for anyone. This is where infrared therapy can help with the healing process a lot. The worrying  this about all this is this can progress into arthritis, allergies, and even cancers. It’s very uncomfortable for anyone who suffers from this. And anyone who does and has will know what I’m on about.

As I’ve said, inflammation is the start of the body trying to heal itself, however. It’s even better to catch the inflammation before it starts to develop. And you can do this by using an infrared sauna or an infrared product of some sort that’s focused on the pain area, wherever that may be as part of your daily wellness program. And to get the best results It’s important to use infrared therapy on an ongoing basis. Like most things you won’t see major results from one session.

The Beauty Of Owning An Infrared Sauna.

I’d like to quickly touch on having your own infrared sauna. As this whole process obviously helps if you own your own infrared sauna. You can really use it to your advantage when that’s the case. You could pay for ongoing sessions. But that will over time add up a lot. These are just options for you to look at, that’s all.

When used on a regular basis, up to 20-30 minutes a day, over a short time frame you’ll start to see and feel the difference with the affected area. You’ll start to improve your circulation. And therefore start to have a real impact on the inflammation areas. As I said. You’ll feel the difference by increasing your circulation and helping to lower your blood pressure, Your joint and muscle pain will reduce, as well as reducing the stiffness in your body. So not only will you help to fend of inflammation, You’ll have a flow on effect with other health benefits.

Infrared Sauna And Inflammation. How Does Infrared Therapy Work?

The way an infrared therapy works it with the light. The invisible light helps by generating heat without the need of heating the surrounding air. The reason the infrared sauna is a better option, is because the heat has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin to help with the affected areas. The heat gets right into the needed areas. Whereas a normal sauna won’t. Another factor to all this is the comfortably of the infrared heat as opposed to the heat from a steam sauna. The heat from a steam sauna is a lot hotter that the heat from the infrared sauna. Allowing you to stay in there longer and therefore getting all the health benefits a infrared sauna offers. This is a bit of topic but interesting to mention.

Inflammation has been directly identified as the cause of most of the world’s leading health issues.

As we know. The use of an infrared sauna helps to generate better blood flow, thus giving us healthier oxygenated blood flow to the areas we need the most, relief that can be felt by the infrared heat. There are many health benefit associated with using an infrared sauna but the big one we are focusing on here is inflammation. The huge benefits with infrared heat is the ability it has to get into your joint and muscle areas, the tissue and the nerves. Something that no other light will do.

While this is taking place the infrared heat also generates additional white blood cells that also helps in the alleviation of inflammation. As I’ve said every area working together to do their part. Pretty cool don’t you think.

As well as all that, while your doing your thing in the sauna the heat generated by the infrared light makes you sweat your butt off, and who doesn’t love a good sweat. This has a number of flow on effects. One being, it increases your heart rate, very similar to doing a light exercise. There has been a number of studies that show going through this process has given positive results in treating a number of untreated and painful health issues. And you guessed it, Inflammation is one of them. Even after one sauna session it has been shown to reduce the inflammation levels. And of course the longer you work at the process and the number of sessions you take, the better the results will be.

The continue use of a far infrared sauna has been shown to greatly improve the levels of inflammation on the skin. Extreme cases of skin conditions like psoriasis have been improved just by regular use of a far infrared sauna. We are talking over a 2-3 month period. Other skin benefits have been the improvement of cellulite, and eczema and acne. Which I find pretty impressive.

Look At It This Way. The Condition Of Your Skin Is Like The Front Yard Of Your Body. If You Look At A Messy Yard You Rightfully Assume The Rest Is In Bad Condition. Your Skin Is The Same. The Healthier Your Skin Is The Healthier You Are. Look After Your Skin. Don’t Trash Your Front Yard

Our Conclusion.

As you can see, using a sauna for inflammation has so many health benefits. Really an infrared sauna and inflammation go hand in hand, wouldn’t you say? If your suffering from long term inflammation or you’re an athlete and looking for that edge for recovery. It might be time to look at investing into using a far infrared sauna.

Appreciate you checking out this article and I wish you all the very best with your health.

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