light therapy for muscle injury

Light Therapy For Muscle Injury

Infrared Sauna For Muscle Injury, Recovery And Strength

Today we are going to look into using light therapy for muscle injury, as well as the recovery process and what infrared therapy can do for your muscle strength. And the tool we’ll be using for this discussion will be the infrared sauna. Although having said that, you have other options as well. When referencing light therapy we’ll be focusing on infrared light therapy for muscle recovery and growth.

As I said, there’s other types of infrared products you can use, all are very effective, but for the purpose of this article i’ll be referring to infrared saunas. They are very effective for muscle injuries and recovery.

If your familiar with infrared saunas and the process of using them for infrared therapy, then you’ll understand the powerful health and healing benefits they can have on your body.

There’s nothing worse than injuring a muscle. It’s bloody annoying, it takes time for the muscle to heal and totally recover to the point where you’re good to go again. And anything we can use that will help to speed up the recovery process, well I’ll take it. It’s all part of getting the upper hand on your health, using what the natural world provided for us, then utilizing what the modern world has created. Infrared products, in our case for today it’s the infrared sauna.

What Does Infrared Light Therapy Do?

Infrared light therapy has been around for a long time, although it’s only been brought to the surface recently because of the  healing aspects of infrared light.

The way infrared light works is by having the ability to penetrate into the skin right into the muscle and joint area of your body. Unlike other heats that just hit the skin and don’t really do much apart from heating the skin up. Once they are removed from the body the area in question cools down. the infrared light is different it cuts deep into your body. The light is transferred into heat and works on the affected muscle area. Once you remove the light the heat remains there long after the light is turned off, It keep doing it’s thing long after your finished. Why? Because the infrared heat is trapped in your body. It can do it’s thing for longer.

There’s a host of health benefits associates with infrared therapy that are out of the scope of this article. For the purpose of this article we’ll be covering light therapy for muscle injury and recovery.

There’s a number of other articles on this site you can check out where we cover all of the other health benefits associated with infrared therapy that will give you a good idea as to what’s possible.

Here’s an article where we cover 6 health benefits associated with using infrared therapy

In this article I’m going to cover all there is to know about infrared saunas for muscle injury and recovery. So please take the time to have a read. as well as check out our site once your done. We have plenty of other solid info you can get stuck into, learn from and gain a newfound positive mindset towards infrared saunas and the power of infrared therapy in general.

This type of therapy would be good for anyone who is the active type. Anyone who wants to stay at the top of their game, anyone who is into fitness, staying active and improving your overall health, well-being and your state of mind. Ok, well I think that’s everyone isn’t it?

Having the advantage of using an infrared sauna of any kind, once you get to know the amazing  power behind infrared, is a bit like having an unfair edge.

There’s a definite positive connection between using light therapy for injury, and the recovery time differences it takes in relation to not using an infrared sauna for recovery. It definitely give you an advantage.

There have been many studies done in the past that has focused around athletic endurance and infrared therapy. The fact there’s been multiple studies on this subject shows there’s something to this.

Did you know, by using infrared heat, it’s been shown to also show positive increases in growth hormone levels. This is important as growth hormones have a direct influence on your body’s recovery.

Infrared saunas help increase growth hormone levels. They are a form of anabolic, meaning they help to burn fat as well as help to build solid muscle tissue.

Now that’s cool. Hormone growth aids in the development of muscle repair and recovery. The point being, your muscles will recover much quicker from each sauna session you have. And as you increase the times you use infrared therapy, the recovery process and time factors will only get better. This is not a once off process. Like any injury it takes time and ongoing therapy and treatment.

Using An Infrared Sauna Will Increase Your Endurance Levels
After a few sauna sessions your body will get used to the heat and start to acclimatize. Give it a while though, maybe 5-6 sessions, depending on a few factors. Please don’t expect things to happen right away, It will take a little time.

Once your body gets into the groove. You’ll be on your way. The first stage of the process i,s once the heat gets into your system your body will start to create better blood flow to your muscles. This is one of the huge benefits of this process, the light therapy helps to create better blood circulation. Blood flow is a key point in the muscle recovery process. This will also give you the benefit over time to greatly improve your endurance levels. Once your fully recovered this will allow you to push yourself through your future cardio sessions, knowing the recovery and endurance will be better than it had been before. It’s all about the blood flow my friend.

According to studies. Infrared saunas and infrared therapy, reduces the body’s dependence on glycogen. All this means is your muscles have better access to the nutrients they need at a much better rate.

Better blood flow creates a better heart rate thus strengthening  your endurance capacity. Healthier happier you. Happy days

Did you know. The use of a sauna will actually help you to lower your body’s overall temperature while your exercising. Ok, that’s great, how does this help me? Well you can exercise longer as your body won’t overheat as much as it did before the use of infrared saunas. It’s a bit like conditioning.

So you get in a sauna to sweat more so you can have the ability to sweat less when exercising. Odd but pretty cool.

Using An Infrared Sauna Will Allow Your Body The Ability To Gain More Muscle Mass.

The ability to increase your muscle mass is not only because of the heightened growth hormone levels you can produce with this type of light therapy. It’s also because your body’s insulin levels are also increased.

Not something I condone, the rat testing that is, not the actual results. But there was a study done where rats had as much as 30% more muscle regrowth when they were exposed to infrared heat. Interesting isn’t it.

Health And Life Benefits Of Using an Infrared Sauna For A Better And Fitter You.

As I’ve said before, there’s many health benefits associated with the use of infrared therapy through saunas and other infrared products. But today I want to focus on a few that are directly related to exercising. This will give you the ability to boost your endurance capacity, your ability to perform better in life and of course you overall health, and that’s great. It’s not only your fitness endurance levels we’re talking about, I’m also referring to your mental endurance. Just as important. So let’s take a look.

When I’m referring to life benefits. I’m talking about the flow on effects you can gain. I say life because this therapy can help you with everyday living, and give you the upper hand with living life at 100% capacity. It’s all associated with feeling better about yourself.

These benefits include the following. The ability to focus and concentrate better and for longer periods of time. And for a lot of us, that’s massive, being able to focus on what your doing for longer can really make a massive difference in your productivity and how you control your day. Knowing there are so many things that can distract us from what we are doing these day, focus is a great tool to have, we could all do with more focus, I know I could.

I’ll also mention attention span, but that’s pretty much the same as having the ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time. They all help our overall ability to achieve whatever we need to focus on throughout the day. Most of us feel they could do with some improvements in this area of our lives. Why not, it can only help us become better people.

Regular infrared sauna sessions help to increase the amount of brain derived neurotrophic factors. This can give you a number of advantages. They include

Boosts the growth of new brain cells.

Help to improve the survival of your existing brain cells

And as I’ve already said. Improves your focus, basically this means you have the ability to learns more and your retention span will expand.

It’s the hormone prolactin within your brain that increases, that helps you to improve all of these things. Hopefully it makes sense. If not, not to worry, as long as you understand what infrared therapy can do, and know it will help with your daily actions and choices, It can only be a good thing.

So, if your an athlete or you like to keep fit and your looking for ways to improve your bodies ability to perform better, as well as your health and well-being, and everyday life, using an infrared sauna as part of your routine might be what you’re looking for. It’s something to consider anyway.

Knowing what you know now, using an infrared sauna can actually help with injury prevention. So why wait till you get an injury to use infrared therapy. It’s a good point isn’t it?

As I’ve already stated. Infrared therapy has so many more benefits. I’ll quickly include a few more if this is new to you. You’ll be able to find more info on the subjects throughout this site. We cover a lot of topics on this subject.

Infrared Saunas Help With Purifying Body.

Infrared saunas are great for detoxing the body and can also help with skin conditions like acne.

We live in a world of toxins, It’s all around us. And It’s hard to keep them a bay. By eating the wrong food, which is something we are all guilty of, the toxins that are within these foods, build up in our bodies making us feel rundown and eventually become sick.

Having too many toxins in your system can actually weaken your bodies structure, So your more susceptible to getting an injury as your body’s not in peak shape, You’ll know this anyway, You’ll feel like crap.

If there’s a bug going around most likely you won’t have the protection your body need to fight off the bug. Helping break down our invisible protection barrier. This invisible barrier helps us to fight off illness.

Using any sort of infrared sauna all help in the long run. Using an infrared sauna, eating correctly and exercising will all help keep you in peak condition. So if there does come time where you need light therapy for injury issues you’ll be better prepared for the recovery process. You’ll know what’s involved and what you’ll need to do to get yourself back to full health.

In Summary.

So there you have it. How to use an infrared sauna for muscle injuries, recovery and strength. As you can see everything all interlinks with each other. If something’s not right other areas will suffer and by understanding all the little things associated with muscle injuries and what’s involved with the recovery process it all makes sense. Using light therapy for injuries is not only a great way to heal your body but also a great way to get your health back to where it should be.

We’ve shown you what you can do to recover from a muscle injury, we’d also like to help you if your wanting to invest in your own home infrared sauna. I can assure you they are solid long term investments. We have put together a few articles on our recommendations on the best infrared sauna product on the market at the moment.

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Please feel free to check them out. Thanks for stopping by.

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