That’s the big question. Infrared or regular sauna? Which sauna. What are you thinking? Let’s take a look.

The popularity of home saunas are growing by the day, not because they are some sort new fad, but for number of health and healing benefits they provide. They actually work. To anyone who has a sauna of some sort knows the difference it adds to their lives on a daily basis. So today I’m going to compare the two different saunas on the market. The infrared sauna and the traditional sauna. Which one?


These days owning your own home sauna is very much within most people’s budget. Gone are the day’s where they’re only affordable for the few, and are seen as something only the wealthy have. Not now. $1000 mark, give or take a little depending on what your after.


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You have options as well. As I said before, depending on what you want, what are your needs and what’s your budget.


There’s sauna from, do it yourself infrared sauna kits, portable infrared saunas, quality 1-2 person home infrared saunas to the state of the art deluxe infrared saunas. As well as 4-6 person saunas.


As you can tell i’m biased towards the infrared saunas. For me they are the future of healing your health and well-being. But for anyone who is new to the sauna world and your looking to invest in your well-being, you’ll no doubt arrive at the crossroads of the sauna world with the ongoing debated question.

Should I Install A Traditional Sauna Or An Infrared Sauna? That’s The Question.


Traditional or infrared. Well, the fact that our site is all about infrared living, you’ll know I’m going to lean towards buying an infrared sauna. But that’s not to say that’s the right one for you. All I’ll give you is the facts about my thought on the two and for you to make the best possible decision for your lifestyle and health needs.


Here’s another situation. These days there’s so many different types of sauna on the market. A lot more than there were even a number of years ago. This also shows to me the impact infrared light is having in the health and well-being world. It’s a very interesting topic.


Maybe your already know all about infrared therapy and the health benefits associated with infrared light. If so well that’s great to heart. Maybe an infrared sauna could be the way to go for you.


Whichever way you look at it, you’ll be doing your health a big favor by investing in one. Whatever choice you make, your heart will be thanking you for it in the future. According to studies done at the Harvard Medical School.


If your still unsure on what type of sauna you should go for, or you need to know a little more info on what could be the best sauna to buy. Below is a helpful guide that should give you a pretty good idea on which direction you should go. This should help you with all the pros and cons as we compare the two types of saunas

Let’s break things down a little for you.

Traditional Saunas


How a traditional sauna works. A traditional dry sauna is, like most saunas, built with wood. The way these saunas work is by heating a stove that’s inside the sauna, this will be either wood or electric heating system.


These saunas have heating rocks on the stove, the way it works is you put a little water onto the rocks which then creates steam, the steam will create more heat/humidity into the air within the sauna.

Obviously the room will heat up, this in tune will heat your body. Then you will sweat.

As the room heats up, so does your body. As your body heats up, it naturally wants to cool itself off, which is why your pores open up and you sweat.
Did you know your body has a natural cooling system built into it. When your body heats up, it’s natural reaction is to try and cool itself down. Your body does this through sweating. That’s why you sweat. Pretty cool ah.
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Steam Saunas.


A steam sauna is a little different. It’s made with plastic or tile. A material that is not porous. It’s also heated through the use of steam.

The water is heated up through the use of the generator, the steam is released into the sauna which creates humidity. The steam sauna runs at a lower temp that the dry sauna, it does still have the feeling of being as hot as the dry sauna. It’s done through the use of the humidity.

Let’s run Through The Temperatures And The Humidity.


When it come to using a dry sauna. The heat is kept pretty high, up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but most of the time is will hover between the 160 and 190 points. Although this is very safe, most of the time we find it hard to handle the high temps, So more often than not you won’t stay in as long as you probably should to get the full benefits.



With the steam sauna. That doesn’t run as hot as the dry sauna. It’s usually kept at temps between the 110 and the 120 degree fahrenheit points. The big difference is of course the heat temps, but also the humidity levels. The dry sauna is somewhat a controlled humidity heat, you have to actually put water on the hot rocks to create the steam whereas the steam sauna runs the humidity all the time creating what feels like a sauna that is as hot..

Infrared Saunas.


Infrared saunas run with a very low level of humidity. Levels you probably wouldn’t even notice in everyday life. The other two rely somewhat on the humidity to heat the saunas. The infrared sauna relies on the light from the infrared lamps. Once the light hits our body it’s turned into heat. The infrared light/heat has more of a direct impact on the body, as opposed to the other heat which is not direct.


In other words the other saunas heat the room causing your body to heat up whereas the infrared saunas heat the body directly.


This is where the big differences are with the saunas. So if it comes down to installing a traditional sauna or a infrared sauna, for me this info alone would be a had to ignore. But please continue. It gets better.

What About Power Usage. Which Sauna Uses More.



When it come to the ongoing costs of running a sauna, again there’s a big difference between the two types. Let’s take a quick look.


Dry and steam sauna.


They will use a lot more power than an infrared sauna will use. The infrared sauna will use a lot less than the others. It’s possible the infrared sauna will use up to 3-5 times less power than the other two will use. That’s a huge difference. If you think about it. One runs on a generator, the other runs off a stove and the infrared sauna run on heat lamps. It’s easy to see which one would use more.


Infrared Saunas.

Let’s take a close look at the infrared sauna. When it come to the type of heat use in the infrared sauna, It’s the total opposite to the other saunas. As the name suggests. Infrared saunas use what is called infrared light, which generate infrared heat. This heat which is radiant, heats your body directly.


Infrared saunas come with a number of heaters. This of course will depended on the size of the sauna.



Installing Your Sauna In Your Home. What The Better Option?



If you decision is purely made on this info along, although the last section on power usage is also a biggy, you would go with an infrared sauna all day long. Ok, why?


The infrared sauna is the easiest out of the saunas to install. You pretty much set it up, plug in in and you’re good to go. The others need a little more installing, you will also need to get a professional in to install the plumbing and other electrical components, So of course there’s other costs there as well. Costs the infrared sauna doesn’t have.

Our Summary.

Ok. Well there you have it. Hopefully I’ve answered any thoughts about whether you’ll buy an infrared sauna or a traditional sauna. I’ve covered all the major points. Please feel free to check out our recommendations on infrared saunas, you can check them out here.


It’s up to you what type of sauna you go for. Whether you decide on a dry, steam or an infrared sauna, in the long run your health and the way you live with thank you for it. It’s all about investing in your quality of life. You get out of life what you put in, I suppose. In my opinion investing in yourself and or your body can be the missing key to our happiness.

Here’s to the happier and healthier you.  All the best.