infrared sauna vs regular sauna

Infrared Sauna Vs Regular Sauna. Which One?

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Infrared sauna Vs regular sauna. That’s the question we will cover today. Which is the best sauna to buy and why is one better than the other. We will cover each one in detail, what they offer and how they will improve your level of health and well-being. We’ll round it up with a few considerations and try to give you the right information for your buying decision. If that’s your end goal.

I can understand if your pretty new to all this infrared sauna stuff and all the health promises that come with buying an infrared sauna a little daunting at first. Then on the other hand your hearing solid info about regular saunas. Both seem positive. So which one, infrared sauna or a regular sauna.

It’s probably a good thing to first give you the info you need to understand how they both compare, it’s pretty important for you to get your head around both types of saunas and all the good stuff they both have.

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The Two Saunas. Infrared And Steam

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They both offer loads of health and wellness benefits such as relaxation, weight loss, detoxing, and other muscle related recovery benefits. In saying that the health benefits they offer do differ. The biggest variation with the two is the different heating methods. So below we are going to go through all the info you need to make the best decision for you.


The Infrared Sauna.


What is an infrared sauna? An infrared sauna is a room that is wood based. It heats the body through infrared heat or rays as opposed to a steam sauna that works on really high heat and or moisture. The infrared rays, especially far infrared rays penetrate into the skin and heat the body in a natural way. To give you an idea, the sun gives off infrared rays, so it is a form of natural heat that is perfectly ok for our body. The difference is the UV rays. Infrared heat doesn’t produce UV rays. That’s why infrared health is so much better.

As the infrared rays warm from within, they usually operate around the 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot lower that a regular sauna, usually sitting around the 170-200f which, as you can see is a lot hotter. Even though the infrared temperature is much lower than the steam sauna, the infrared sauna heats the body in a direct manner, makes it a much better option.


The Steam Sauna.


What is a steam sauna? The regular steam sauna is made differently that the infrared sauna. It’s made with non-porous materials. Materials like glass and tile, as it needs to be airtight for it to work effectively. The steam sauna heats the body through the use of very high heat and humidity. The water of the sauna need to boil for you to get the steam, thus creating an environment full of moisture.  
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Health benefits of the infrared sauna Vs  regular sauna.

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The following are the primary health benefits of each Sauna.

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An Infrared sauna will make you sweat more than the steam sauna. The far infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin. This is exactly what you want as it helps with increased blood flow, as well as helping to break up water molecules and the big one, helps to extract harmful toxins from your body. This is something a steam sauna does not do, making it in my mind the infrared sauna a clear standout and a better option for your overall health and well-being.


The biggy for me, is the point of infrared heat penetrates into your skin, up to a couple of inches, clearly makes the infrared sauna stand out, in that respect anyway. Once the infrared heat enters your body, it triggers a number of flow on health benefits, they include metabolic enhancements, your muscle tissues get a nice  boost of oxygen.
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Losing Weight And Cellulite Improvements.


One of the attractions that come with an infrared sauna, is the ability to experience weight loss with consistent weekly use. The loss of weight is due to the way the infrared sauna is heated. The extraction of toxins through solid sweating as well as increased metabolic rates all help in the process of burning those extra calories. Which will in tune allow you to experience some weight loss, doing this will also help with the improvement of cellulite.
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Infrared Sauna Vs Regular Sauna. Comparability?


In my mine, there’s is a clear winner. Why? Purely because of the temperature difference of heat. The lower and more relaxed heat from the infrared sauna compared to the higher heats of the steam sauna tend to be better and easier on the body. For anyone who may have issues with breathing may find the infrared sauna easier than the steam, again because of the heat differences. Also the heat plays a massive part in how long your prepared to stay in the sauna. You can tolerate the infrared heat for much longer than the steam heat. Hence getting more benefits from the longer use.


The lower temperature of infrared saunas compared to steam rooms tends to be easier on the body. For users who may have eye or lung issues, including difficulty breathing in high humidity and heat, they may want to opt for an infrared sauna to ensure an enjoyable and beneficial experience. There’s nothing worse than not being able to breath.
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Regular steam sauna health benefits.


A steam sauna has the benefit of high heat and humidity that can be an ideal environment for some health related benefits. Because the heat has a lot of humidity in it, this is very different to the infrared sauna, hence different health benefits. Let’s take a look.


Using a regular steam sauna can help with respiratory related issues like colds, flu, sinusitis and allergies. The moisture in the air helps to open the sinuses, helping you with better breathing. Just to clarify what I said above, If there is any confusion. Having a lung issue and not being able to breath is very different to having a cold and sinus issues. Anyone who may have skin issues, like dehydration might find the high humidity steam will help with hydrating and balancing out the skin. Anyone with dry skin will also find the moisture helpful for their skin.


Now the thing is, the infrared sauna also helps with all those issues, like colds and purifying the skin. This is just a different way.


Getting a better sleep. Using a steam sauna can help with getting a better sleep. Once you exit the steam room, your body will start the cooling down process. The relaxation from the sauna along with the efforts to cool down your body can help with getting a solid night sleep. In saying this. You will also get the same effect from the infrared sauna. Effectively they do the same thing.
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Things To Consider When Buying Your Sauna.


When the time come to make the decision. It’s not only the health benefits you need to consider. Budget, number of people using the sauna and extra costs all come into play. I’ll explain.

An infrared sauna can be a pretty easy addition to your house. They don’t have any strict requirements to keep the heat within, therefor there a much lighter sauna when it comes to transport and transport costs. They can usually be put together within an hour or so, as they do come as a kit. And they do not need any professional help. All you need is a little space where power can be connected and your pretty much good to go. They also use around ⅓ of the power a regular steam sauna uses. Something to look at for the long term.

Steam Saunas. When it comes to steam saunas they also come in a kit form or you can get them custom built and installed by a professional. Steam saunas do have some plumbing and electrical work needed done to them before they can be used. They also need a generator that needs to be professionally installed in a safe place. This reduces the chance of burning. Which doesn’t sound good. With the steam sauna you also need a good area for the sauna to be set-up. Somewhere that will allow for the correct drainage and a draining area. Because of the high moisture conditions created by the sauna you will need to make sure cleaning is done on a regular basis, as bacteria loves moist areas. Infrared sauna vs regular sauna, what’s the big call going to be.


Both the infrared sauna and the steam sauna have their health benefits. Straight to the point, they can make a great addition to anyone’s home. As you now have hopefully all the info you need with the comparisons to give you an idea as to which sauna you will buy.


We can only give you the facts. Look at your health right now and your future health goals, What are they? What sauna will help you achieve those future goals? Answering these questions will give you a better idea as to what you want. Remember to check out our recommendations of infrared saunas, If you think you will go that direction.


Thanks for reading this article. I hope we have helped with the big debate between the infrared sauna vs regular sauna. And this helps you make the best decision possible for your long term health and well-being.


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