what does infrared light do to your body

What Does Infrared Light Do To Your Body

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This is a topic that’s at the center of this site. And a subject that is what I feel to be a very important subject in the health and well-being world. What does infrared light do to your body. That’s what we’ll be looking into today.


It’s a growing subject in today’s world, and with good reason. Infrared light is becoming increasingly popular, and for all the right reasons.


This is not some overnight health fad. Infrared light therapy is here to stay. Many medical practitioners have been doing it for years for many of their patients with very effective results.


So you might be thinking, why is it so popular now? Well, up until recently you had to go to a professional to get treatment. Now you have the ability to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home using a number of infrared product readily available.


Depending on your situation and needs, you have a number of options. Nowadays you can have your very own home infrared sauna ready to use whenever you want at a very affordable price. Portable infrared heating pads that come in a number of sizes. You have portable products if your on the go, Infrared wraps for your knees, shoulder/neck, infrared foot spas, infrared lamps and lights to help with healing. You also have infrared heating products for your home. There’s plenty of infrared products. All available to help you with your everyday health and well-being.



Your health is your life, and we understand that. We have a number of reviews and helpful articles available for you to help you life the infrared lifestyle. With that being said, We appreciate your visit, so let’s continue.



What Is Infrared Light?


So, let’s get into it. What is infrared light? What does infrared light do to your body. and why is it becoming the go to natural home therapy for anyone who is looking for a natural heat therapy.

If you’re new to this topic. That’s great, glad you’re here. I hope this information will give you a good starting point as to what infrared therapy and light is all about.

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Did you know we are exposed to infrared light everyday? Unless the weather is crap and it’s raining and we’re inside all day.The sun actually radiates infrared light and is transferred to heat when it hits a solid like our body.

The sunlight is the combination of lights, visible and invisible. An example of this would be a rainbow, a rainbow is a visible light, you can see them pretty clearly after a good downpour, unless you’re still inside. An example of invisible, yep you guessed it, infrared light from the sun.


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The sun throws off a number of ray’s or lights, and one of those rays is the wonderful infrared light, infrared light is also the healthiest light possible. Here’s the big issue with the sun.It, as you’ll be aware, has it’s negatives, and that negative is the dreaded Uv rays the sun throws off, and we all know what that can do.

That’s where we can take advantage of using infrared products. The major difference between the sun and using infrared products like infrared saunas, heaters, infrared heating pads and other types of infrared products is these product don’t contain any UV rays. And that’s huge.



So what Does far Infrared Light Do?


What does infrared light do to your body? A lot. Well there’s a number of health benefits when it come to using infrared light. They include.


  • Detoxification
  • Helps to purify your skin
  • Helps blood circulation
  • And muscle and joint pain, just to name a few.

But what I wanted to go into here is what infrared light can do to your body when your using an infrared sauna. Using an infrared sauna can have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being.

One of the benefits infrared light does to your body through the use of an infrared sauna is to help eliminate built up toxins from your system.


What Does Infrared Light Do To Your Body While Using An Infrared Sauna.


The infrared waves from the heat penetrate into your body, thus heating up your core temperature, by doing this they activate the sweat glands. Our sweat glands have a massive impact on our body’s ability to extract toxins from our bodies. And It’s one of the only ways our body can eliminate toxins. Making the ability to sweat very important to us.


This is where using an infrared sauna, infrared blanket or a portable infrared sauna, essentially they all do the same thing, will give you a massive benefit over just sweating naturally. These products help to speed up the process, as the infrared light/heat is in a more controlled area, giving you a greater experience. You actually sweat a lot more than you would when exercising.


Ok so let’s go a little deeper. When infrared light is mixed with water molecules, we get a vibration effect. This vibration effect helps to reduce the ion bonds and helps to breakdown the water molecules allowing the toxins to be released from the body. Pretty impressive.


The Full Spectrum Infrared Effect



The full spectrum is referred to the entire infrared heat. The near infrared, mid infrared and the far infrared all combined. All will be explained in a second. With the combination of all 3 of the infrared lights  penetrating your body you will of course get the most out of your full spectrum infrared sauna experience.


What Are The 3 wavelengths?


The near infrared is the shortest of the 3 wavelengths, this is just absorbed below the skin, thus creating the sweat that helps to promote the healing and revitalization of the body.

The mid infrared is a little longer wavelength that will go a little deeper into the skin, into the soft tissue areas. This will help to release oxygen and increase circulation, resulting in helping to reach any injured areas.

The far infrared is of course the longest of the wavelengths. These wavelengths go deep into the fat cells of the body causing what is called vasodilation, this is where the fat cells start to vibrate helping to expel the built up toxins within the body. This will result in a higher level of detoxification. Stimulation of these areas help the metabolism process that also helps with weight loss.


When it comes to energy from light, the sun is our primary source. As humans, we need light to create energy, but the sun can give us light that is not ideal for us, as too much light from the sun can cause damage to our skin. Basically it can burn the shit out of us.


Infrared heat gives us the opportunity to receive all the health benefits of natural light without the negative effects from the sun.



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Infrared heat gives us the opportunity to receive all the health benefits of natural light without the negative effects from the sun.

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Infrared products have come a long way. They are a lot better these days than they were many years ago. Today there’s a number of health professions that use infrared heat to treat certain diseases throughout the world. The same infrared heat that is used with the home infrared saunas. Something I find very interesting. Having the ability to have infrared therapy from the comfort of your own home and when it suite you.


There have also been some studies done by NASA about infrared waves. The far infrared waves were said to be very good on the human body. These types of wavelengths have the ability to penetrate deep into the body, around 1.5 to 2 inches. This allows the heat to lift your body temperature quite quickly. As I said before this is what helps you to eliminate the nasties from your body.


The far infrared light consist of wavelengths similar to those that are naturally emitted by the body. This could be one potential reason of why so many people feel energized and rejuvenated after having contact with far infrared light, especially after an infrared sauna session.


There is also proven studies that show the waves help with blood circulation and the recovery of exhaustion. There’s so many flow on effect with this type or therapy.


The near and the mid infrared wavelength help to enhance the far infrared wavelength allowing for deeper penetration of the body and better results. The three infrared lights together will help to raise your core temps faster, helping with the healing process of injured tissue areas and inflammation areas. There is an estimation that using a full infrared spectrum sauna can give you a 10-15% overall health benefit, that is if used on a regular bases.


What Is The Benefit Of Infrared Technology?


There have been recent test that have shown that far infrared heat is so close to the own body’s radiant energy levels that our body’s can absorb as much as 90% of the infrared waves that have contact with our skin.


Let’s look at a comparison. The conventional saunas need to rely on indirect heat, first on convection and then on conduction to produce the effect of heating. Another big factor that differentiates the two is the heating process. A conventional sauna needs anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour to warm up before you can use it. The cost of electricity will of course be a lot higher as opposed to a home infrared sauna only needs 10-15 minutes before use.


That’s a big difference in time and electricity costs if you want to use your sauna a few times a week. That’s getting away from our subject a little but it’s handy to know. We have other PUT INFRARED SAUNA VS REGULAR SAUNA HERE on this subject that go into more details about the differences of the two saunas.


This Comes To Our Next Question. Is Infrared Heat Safe?


Absolutely it is safe. Our bodies receive and eliminate infrared heat all the time. And infrared light as we have already said comes from the sun. It’s all around us but we don’t realize it. Well you do now. The only way infrared heat could be dangerous is if you don’t use a little common sense. Keeping hydrated and not being in direct contact with infrared heat for a long period of time are two very important points to remember. It’s the same as the sun. Not too much at one time.


Infrared Light, Why Is It Better?


All infrared sauna and other infrared products produce invisible far infrared light. It’s very safe and is nothing like the heat produced from a microwave.


In an infrared sauna around 20% of the energy is used to heat the air. The rest of the energy is there to heat your body. This allows the heat to penetrate into the body’s skin and muscles. When it comes to the temperature inside the infrared sauna, the average is 100 F – 130 F. This temp allows you to sweat quicker and also allows you to stay in the sauna for longer periods of time. Just to give you an idea. The typical session can last anywhere between 20 to 40 mins. Of course this is an individual choice, especially if your just starting out. Allowing you to feel energized not exhausted like a normal sauna would make you feel. In saying that you will need to take a little time to get used to the different type of heat.


Ok here we are, at the end of our journey, we’ll not quite, just the article. I hope I’ve explained mostly everything there is about infrared light. I’ve covered the question on what does infrared light do to your body and explained how it works and the different types of light. We’ve also covered a little on the types of saunas as well. Although that’s a whole other subject on its own.


Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I appreciate it. We will be following up with more info on what I believe to be a fascinating subject.Cheers.


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