why does hot yoga make you feel so good

Why does hot yoga make you feel so good? Our Must Know Reasons.

Is Hot Yoga Good For You And Your Health? 

Hot yoga is all the rage nowadays and is becoming very popular among the health-conscious, although for a lot of people and maybe you, hot yoga has been around for a while. 

Hot yoga is a whole-body experience that comes with a number of health and mind benefits, making it a complete experience. The hot aspect of yoga is with the use of infrared panels that are around the room to create the heat within the room, this adds that extra heat element over regular yoga, and with that comes a range of other benefits.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga

You’ll most likely know this if you’re a regular but for anyone new to hot yoga you’ll soon realize the health benefits associated with it. Most feel the positive impact even after 1 session, having said that we are all different and experience things differently. 

One of the most common questions that get asked is why hot yoga makes you feel so good, it has a lot to do with sweating. When you sweat you send off positive and good chemical reactions within your body. Amazing things happen when you sweat, you ever went for a run and even though you’re buggered afterwards you actually feel great, It’s all about the sweat, it’s a bit like that. 

Why hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is used for many reasons and we all have our reasons why we want to do it, and the range of health benefits are many. It’s used to help prevent injury, others use it for strength and mobility conditioning, others for a positive and clean state of mind. 

With the world we live in we all often have too much crap going on in our heads, a few hot yoga sessions can do wonders for your mind, clear away all that unwanted mind garbage.

A bit off-topic here, but have you ever seen a hoarder’s house? It gets to a point where it’s just way too much to handle and they get overwhelmed. The same happens with our minds when we have way too much going on, it gets too much and we cannot think straight. Anyway, I thought that was a good visual example. 

Having said all that, others use hot yoga as a way to cleanse the skin and increase overall stamina and endurance levels. Let’s take things a little deeper look into some of the benefits of hot yoga.

Cleanses Your Skin

Your skin can benefit a lot with ongoing hot yoga sessions. When you sweat you will naturally exfoliate any dead skin cells you have. This is a natural process that happens. And when you towel yourself down you’ll be removing any excess dead skin cells as well.

Your skin will feel a lot better for it, giving you smoother and lighter looking skin that will make you feel good about yourself.

Helps To Prevent Injury

A little different to the skin benefit, but this is what makes hot yoga great. Using infrared heat as part of your routine helps with injury prevention, this is because the heat allows your body to stretch more, especially in the joints and muscles. It’s all about getting that oxygen into your body. This helps to achieve your body’s maximum levels.

This is especially good for athletes that use excessive joint movements, although that would be everyone, I’m more referring to runners and the like.

Clear The Mind

This is what I was referring to before about using the power of infrared heat and yoga to clear the mind. This process would help in your stress levels, clear the mind, clear the stress, clear the mind path to a healthier and happier life. 

You’ll become a better person and become better at being productive at whatever you’re doing. And when we are more productive in life we are happier, well that’s what I’m like anyway. When your mind is cluttered with unwanted thoughts we are weighed down mentally and don’t know where to start. Hot yoga can help with that 

Boost Your Energy Levels

This is a bit of a follow on from the previous benefit, but it’s a benefit from clearing the mind. If we can clear a mental path for ourselves we will without a question will free up unexpected energy for ourselves.

This is where hot yoga can play a massive role in your life. With the combination of clearing your mind and extracting out the nasties from your body through sweating, you’ll no doubt create extra ongoing energy for yourself, allowing you to tap into your own natural energy boost.

This will give you the opportunity to become a better version of yourself. You’ll be able to focus better and longer at work, around the house, with the kids and life in general. This is why morning hot yoga sessions are the key to setting yourself up for the best day possible. 

What About Enhancing Your Love Life?

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? Or maybe you did. When you think about it, it actually makes sense. Heat movement and oxygen creates better blood flow throughout your body, and that’s exactly what hot yoga will do, and with that, you’ll feel great, alert, sharp and ready for whatever the day throws at you. Which also means more energy. and if that’s your partner throwing themselves at you you’ll be ready. 


Another benefit is the ability to detox. And I’m sure you have heard of this benefit. There are many forms of detoxing and hot yoga is one of them.

Detoxing your body will give you the ability to extract nasties from your system that is making you feel, basically like shit. Really if you sweat your detoxing. And the flow-on health benefits of that are what I’ve spoken about above, it gives you the ability to become a better you.

Hopefully, with all that I’ve mentioned this should answer the question of why does hot yoga make you feel so good. And really it makes total sense, It’s a positive environment that has positive outcomes.

Is Hot Yoga Safe?

With anything, there’s always a level of risk. That’s life. The answer is yes hot yoga is safe, but it’s important to understand you need to play your role as well in order to keep it that way. Often unsafe practices come about by us not understanding what we need to do in order to keep us safe and hot yoga is no different. 

Because heat is involved it’s your number one priority to keep hydrated, this is where most of the risk is involved. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is important but evermore with hot yoga.

Other important factors to think about are medical conditions. Do you have any yourself that you might need to consult your doctor beforehand? It’s all about awareness, that’s the key to keeping safe. 

Below are some pointers to consider before and while you’re doing hot yoga.

  • Give yourself enough time to adapt to the heat. Arrive 10 minutes before in your class to adjust to the temperature.
  • Wear light clothing & maybe wear a tie back your hair to keep off your face.
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during & after the yoga session.
  • Avoid going to the class on a full stomach, that’s why mornings are great.
  • Don’t try to overexert during the exercise, pay attention to what your body 
Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with the information you have read about all the health benefits of hot yoga, you can start to get an understanding as to why hot yoga makes you feel so good. Because at the end of the day, that’s all we want, and if hot yoga can give us that, why not. You get to feel good and at the same time, you are creating better health and wellness for yourself.

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